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May 04, 2009



I LOVE your bag, it's so perfect. I can understand wanting to carry it with you everywhere. Isn't it wonderful when fabric really speaks to you and you just know what to do with it?

The apron is adorable - is that a pattern you made up or is that the pattern you took on, tissue paper and all? If it's a pattern I'd love to know the details.

I know what you means about blogging breaks. I've been terrible these last few years with blogging, taking photos, etc. Sometimes it just seems like too much work, I'd rather just be doing, rather than preparing the blog post in my head. Glad to see you back, however.

Happy Spring!


So glad you're back, and with such great stuff too!!! I'm guessing there will be more great projects in your near future!


Glad you are back! I miss seeing your wonderful new stuff. But I understand family stuff, so we can deal with it, as long as you come back.



They all look great, especially the apron


You're back, and ON FIRE! Nothing like a break to recharge the batteries. I love your apron, it has great coverage which is one of my 'must have' features of aprons. I never could figure the point of a half apron...they are cute, but I ruin every top I cook (and sometimes eat) in! The bags are spectacular, too!


I'm happy to see a post and read about your crafty adventures whenever you feel like sharing. Blogging should be fun, not an obligation.

That really is a great apron! I've never gotten in the habit of wearing one - I should, it would add a bit of fun to baking. Love the bags too. They are food for thought for me as I desperately need a new purse and I still use ziplocs to carry my knitting.


Love the apron. I'm making an apron right now as well! Trying to use up some stash fabrics, so it won't be a current and funky as yours, but I'll love it. I love that pattern.

I'm the opposite when it comes to patterns. I have been sewing clothes most of my life and am used to patterns. I get a little nervous and wish I had a hand holder when it comes to the patchwork quilting. Including the seam allowances and all that...... It is a lot to remember.


Hello again!

Guess what, I just made that same apron, or one very much like it. Mine was from some retro "easy to sew" pattern I picked up at Walmart on impulse. It was so badly written I just kept making mistakes. Easy to sew my @#$! Well you get the idea. I tossed the pattern into the recycling bin--I found another one that is very similar and I'll try it next time. Your apron is adorable. I've become very addicted to wearing all my aprons too.

LOVE the purse. You should totally write that one up as a pattern on your blog. It is fantastic. Very Chic and the fabric is fantastic. The Japanese really do have a way with prints.

It's good to see you again and I hope the creative juices keep flowing freely. -Julie


That apron is adorable! What a great way to use those fabrics. Love the bag, too. Very cute. Okay, I love BOTH bags. Looking forward to seeing ALL of the sweater. LOL


I love the brown bag - and have a dress in that very fabric!
Like the pink one too, and the apron is delightful, but the brown bag's the one for me...


Love your bags, love the apron, and am in agreement--I'm scared of the patterns, too! I think it's the idea that you have to cut straight lines and notches--one false move and bam, project ruined! Ugh! Anyway, I'd be wearing the apron and the bags all the time!


Awesome! I adore that apron! And the bags too. LOVE! I'm looking forward to seeing your cardi done. It's the next thing I plan on knitting.


Your apron is wonderful! Love the fabrics and the pattern! Love that hemline!


Nice to have you back. Love both of the bags and the apron is very retro with a twist!! keep smiling and take care!

The Fairy Glade

Hi there I found your blog via alisonb2 and am in awe of everything you have created. I have to say that the Lizard Ridge blanket has caught my eye. I have researched the wool and found that it is available in the UK and I have printed myself a copy of the instructions that I have to say are a bit outside my comprehension at present. I need to make sense of the USA terminology and will probable need help with the knitting backwards thingy. I am determined to master it one way or the other. Do you use this method when knitting up your blocks and also, how many blocks do you get from a ball of the wool? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


All of the projects look great! The silk purse is lovely. It looks light but like you've got plenty of room. And I'm a sucker for the pink/red pattern. The apron is really cute too. It has a great pattern and I think it looks flouncy in the pictures. The hand mixer is a cute touch. :-)


The mixer adds a well-deserved Wonder Woman touch. Holy cow! Beautiful projects!


It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. The bags and apron are too cute, and I can't wait to see the diminishing rib cardi. I made one, too, and have worn it alot since it was completed. Now that the FL Legislature has finished for the year (God forbid a special session) I hope to be blogging again to show off all my FOs. BTW, did you mean that the apron was a pattern or did you just make it up on the fly? Either way, it's fabulous.

Amanda Cathleen

L O V E!! your apron! The fabrics are so fun and so is the shape, its awesome! Your silk purse is beautiful, love the way you used the fabric. And the other bag is really neat, very versatile.


I jsut discovered your blog (via craftgossip) and WOW! I love it here and I have a serious case of yard envy. GORGEOUS! I also love the charm square quilt idea and would love to link to it if you didn't mind.


cute apron and bag, I love making aprons...


Hello, My name is Jeanne. I am Brazilian and I live in São Paulo. I saw your bag and backpack that turns into love. You call a backpack, is not it? Excuse my English.
I would like to see the mold and step by step, as it is. You could send me. I would be very grateful.


The bag's really good -- I like the way you can wear it as a kind of backpack or just carry it in your hand.
Nice apron too :-)


What are you knitting? Remember the time I had with the infamous Charlottes Web Shawl?????? Actually removed the fringe - like the look, less fussy. Weather here is so depressing. Rain, rain,rain. A New England summer-maybe we will have two months of sun and then the fall comes. Well I do use all the knitted items! Hope all is well.


Oh my you have been busy dear! I adore that apron. Hope summer is treating you well. I find folding the stupid tissue paper and trying to get it all back in the envelope scary.

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