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March 13, 2009



Quick photographer reflexes! And a beautiful quilt, too!

Lisa Clarke

I love this quilt! It looks like it would be perfect for a picnic / outdoor concert / fireworks-watching kind of thing.


Fabulous quilt pattern! Thanks. Love the pictures, too. Wonderful.


You're right, that is the perfect quilt for everyday couch use! Oh...and to be outside in the sun this time of year with flowers and sunshine....I am jealous! Our Crocuses won't even make an appearance for a few more weeks.


I love it, and it does remind me of an i phone. LOL. I'm actually tempted to do this. I'm always seeing charm packs I like but don't know what to do with. And I agree, what a great quilt for everyday use. Ruby our female bulldog loves the sofa, but I hate what she does to the pillows and blankets. :o)


I like your quilt! I am in the finishing stage of a knitted "quilt"; I am knitting 24 pieces together in the same way your quilt looks. It is a throw for my mothers birthday in the beginning of April. So I have to hurry! When I've finished this thing, 123.000 thousand stitches have been knitted! It's a good thing you don't know such numbers before starting a new project!
It's such a pleasure seeing pictures from your garden, because it looks like spring or even summer and as we did have the coldest winter in 12 years this year, we long for spring! The crocuses are finally above the ground and birds are singing again in the mornings; so hallelujah... spring is coming to Holland!


Nice to have you back!! And what a great quilt. I think even I could cope with that, but I haven't found a walking foot yet so quilting is off limits. What a beautiful bird! So exotic! I was jumping over the moon yesterday because we had a Chaffinch and a Siskin. Both very common!!LOL Take care.


!!! Awesome! I have a charm pack my MIL gave me and didn't know what to do with it. I think I may pick up another pack and give this a shot! Very cool!


it's beautiful! What a clever idea! I have a mora pack and a blank wall and I reckon my second ever quilt could be a funky wall hanging! Thanks for the inspiration!


Genius! I think even I could manage one of those (and I think I even have some fabric that would work - if one I could remember when I put it) - love it (and the photos)!


This is brilliant! A quilt I might actually be able to accomplish! I love it - and I have charm packs around here gathering dust. I have to wonder if you guys get any winter at all? It's great to see you still at it (quilting, knitting, photographing, blogging). I am afraid I may be a casualty of the "too much social media" syndrome, hoping to get back to sharing all the crap I've been doing soon on the blog. Enjoy the spring and thanks for sharing such a wonderful quilt project!


That is a really cute quilt.. and you just had me surfing the net for charm packs :) Now that I have a nifty antique sewing machine, I might just sew more ;)


Love it! I'm trying to sew up some of my scraps into a quilt, if I can get my sewing machine to work, grrrrr....

Amanda Cathleen

now that is one cute quilt! Great shots too! Thank you so much for the tutorial, I'm off to go read it now : )

Mary in H. VA

you just solved my difficulty for a dorm quilt for a young man! this rocks! and is easy peasy! You are my hero for today!! Thank you! And it could be a light or dark or what ever and fast !!!

Hummm now where did i put those squares i got on sale! And i mean on sale!!
Thanks again!


I like this quilt!


Nice and quick idea! I like your handmade. Hugs, Clara.


Hello, I am very curieus it is about a year ago that you posted a note.
I really like the patchwork you are doing. I always looked on this blog.
It would be a shame to stop.


A fan from Holland.


HVAC contractors

That quilt is gorgeous. I'd love to have that laying over my couch. My kids would kill it in about two seconds.

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