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January 24, 2009



omg--you always inspire me, Nancy--the way you marry fabrics and color--the whimsy and joy in your work just blows me away. How can you bear to part with this one??? Thanks for letting us all peek into your process...


I'm a huge fan of you pushing yourself, it's fabulous and it gives me hope that I too can do the same for myself. Love the future bumper sticker "Quilt Like No One's Watching", this will become my New Year's proclamation!


I love it! I love all of the quilting, too. Fabulous.


I like it too! Thank you for sharing how you went about it. I am pleased you have the courage to step outside that comfort zone. It takes a lot to say 'OK here goes!' and to do it. Brilliant!!!

Amanda Cathleen

that would be a fantastic bumper sticker! Beautiful quilt, really fabulous! I love the painting, the colors everything! Great job

quilting forum

I love it! I love all of the quilting, too.


wow, great job.


Beautiful as always! I've really been into orange lately - this quilt is just gorgeous!


Oh my goodness, the colors, the texture, the colors. Your color sense always inspires me, even though I don't manage to comment often.

I have nominated your for a Kreativ Blogger award.


It is beautiful and you all over. I love the colors. The dark blue and gold are outstanding together. Makes my yellow and blue quilt look quite faded in comparison. I think it is perfect, and you just keep on doing what your doing because it is exactly right. :o)


GORGEOUS! (yes, I'm yelling)


This is just gorgeous. I need to take some chances with my (amateur) quilting!


As usual, absolutely breathtaking Nancy.


Those colours work so well together, and your quilting is great - so much texture.


"Quilt like no one's watching." What a great philosophy! I am very taken with this piece! Love the painting, too...

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