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January 19, 2009



Great to see you back!


I just bought that Wendy Bernard book. I'm taking a top down sweater class starting tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to make some of the things in the book - including that ruffly sweater. I love it! I agree with the warm temps - it needs to be cool in the winter! I keep hoping to see some cool temps coming, and they keep forecasting warm. Those are some lovely swaps that you received.


ooo, I love that cardigan. The ruffle looks like a nightmare, however. Very smart to get it done first!


Hello and nice to have you back! Like the cardigan and just love the quilts and cushion. Already making me think about what I could do, but need to practice a bit first!


What a lovely surprise seeing your update this morning. I certainly understand the ups and downs life throws at us and what it does to our schedules. You take all the time you need, good luck with getting everything sorted! Love the ruffle cardi, I hadn't seen that one yet. I don't know how you keep knitting with these temps as warm as they are. We still cool down quite a bit at night which is the only thing keeping the needles in my hands on a daily basis, our trees and shrubs are setting buds and I know we will get at least one if not two hard freezes before spring sets in which will destroy the crops once again! Have a wonderful week with your girls! Alison


Yeah your back! My life has been pretty similar to yours if I'm picking up the hint. Not great. Downright depressing at times and all this January brown isn't helping. I keep trying to start a new blog entry but haven't had the heart of inspiration. Our winter has been unseasonably warm too and dry, very dry. Great for shoveling and certainly better for my joint issues, but I'd take straight up warm without the constant brutal winds. You sweater is great and I love the little baby quilts, the tree and the coffee. How cute. Friends make life easier to swallow. :o) I hope life smiles on you and February is better for both of us. Happy New Year.

Brenda G

Dear Nancy,

Being featured in your blog makes me feel like a celebrity having made the cover of People Magazine :) Thanks for celebrating my quilt gifts - it is so nice to know that they will cheer up your house next holiday season.

Missed you - glad that you are back!



I just bought that book with a gift card I got for Christmas! I LOVE it. I'm in this top-down sweater knitting obsession right now.

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oh! its winter, the sweaters are so useful for those days! i really love them!!

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You are so generous! I just love finding beautiful and artistic freebies like this. They really brighten up my day, thank you!


These are really beautiful sweaters. Love them and gives me some ideas
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You are definitely one cool chick! Your work is so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!!!

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LOVE the Christmas stuff. Wow. You are really talented!

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Wow! Those are great!

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