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November 08, 2008


Octopus Knits

Very nice!


It looks beautiful. Great color. Great cables. Great fit. Just great!


So lovely and so much work. I truly admire all that work kintting!
Congratulations and enjoy it!


Your right about that pin with the color of blue you choose, it's beautiful! I love the way the sweater fits you, what made you choose this particular pattern? My problem is opposite of yours, small bust and wide shoulders but I think this sweater would work for me! Can't wait to see more of your work.


Very pretty! And the color is great for you. :-)


Nancy, love the sweater but I'm writing to congratulate you on your weight loss. It really shows and you honestly look 10 years younger. I hope you feel as good as you look!


Looks wonderful, I would hate to see what mine would look like if I even tried.


Oh, that is very nice! The fit is perfect; you're right, the size up would have swallowed you.
And what a beautiful blue!


Nancy, you look fabulous! That color is perfect for you. You look so much thinner since I last saw a picture of you! Congratulations!! This is a pattern that did not interest me when I first saw it, but I am now taking a second look after seeing it on you. Thanks for the inspiration!


You're back and I missed you! What a lovely trip--the photos are stunning. I saw that area in the fall too and it was breathtaking. People in Colorado think we have fall color. HA! We have aspens, period. Nice sweater, and you look great too. So glad you had a lovely time and I hope the weather cooled enough for you to wear the sweater! -Julie


Fantastic! I love it on you!

Amanda Cathleen

it looks beautiful on you! thanks so much for all the photos, that is such a beautiful blue!


The sweater is really pretty and it looks fabulous on you. I love the color. (And also, we have the same dresser!)

Trudy (Bluebird49 on Ravelry)

I doon't know how I got here, but soon I was reading about your travels to VA , where I live--about an hour east of Richmond, and my son lives up in the mountains in the western part of the state with his family. I love knitting, I'm uber interested in quilting, but it's so time-consuming and I'm so disorganized, don't think I can go there (at my advanced age!! 59!)right now. Beautiful pics, and I loved going back looking at your wonderful projects!


Love it!


Very nice! I'm making this now, and yes, the detail pics do help! :-) Thank you.

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