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November 04, 2008



Welcome home! I love the autumncolours.


Welcome home.

Love the sweater! I like the Harmony's too, but didn't love them for my cable-y sweater. I'd rather a more giving wood, like bamboo, than the stiff laminate.


Thanks Risa. I still love bamboo too and I agree, it’s much more giving. Another plus for the Harmony tips is that they’re very quiet while giving the slippery feel of metal. I spent a lot of time knitting next to people on this trip and it was nice not to be making a noticeable clicking. Sometimes I prefer the friction of bamboo, but with this yarn the smoothness of the laminate was perfect for me. Yet another reason to collect needles -- like I needed one!


Sounds like a wonderful trip, and I love the new sweater.


Love the color of the trees and great sweater.


I love that quote. I've been needing to hear things like that lately. I also LOVE your sweater! I want one now!


All of the pictures are lovely and it sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. :-)

I can't wait to see the sweater being worn, it's very pretty. I like the knitting bag nearby too, did you make it?

Thanks for the quotes, they were much needed optimism.


Where can I find some of the den-m-nit dark indigo yarn to make a sweater??? HELP!!! Thank you so very much, Marina

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