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November 21, 2008


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Mike R. Lehman
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Air Force Ones

Dear´╝îhow are you today? I wish you a happy day!


I am making my first Friendship Braid quilt and was wondering how you quilted it?


I love the look of your quilt top with the light shining behind it like stained glass. What a colorful profusion! (And what a clever way to avoid cat hair.)


Beautiful quilt! No one will ever see the goof unless you tell them. It's so durned easy to do...


Wow, no one will notice, except maybe your mother-in-law, those minor creativities. I have a crossstich on cloth I went crosseyed doing, I never noticed till it was framed that I had missed 2 stitches. No one, even those aware of the issue, has been able to locate my mistake but I see it every time I look at my sampler. We are our own worst critics.

Just enjoy it as unique and you do lovely work.

Helen Pearson

I'm going to use friendship braid in a jacket for my Mum - part of her Christmas gift. She loves pinks so will do the stained glass effect but with deep deep pink fractures.


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