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November 21, 2008



That is absolutely gorgeous!!! If you hadn't said anything about the creative piecing, nobody would have noticed!


This is BEAUTIFUL! I love this quilt. And while I can honestly say that your "mistake" in no way detracts from the quilt, I can also relate because I'd be bothered by the same type of thing!

Lynn in Tucson

It's beautiful!

(And I'm VERY curious about the quilting!)


Oh my gosh, this is absolutely stunning. And I love it as a door cover! :)


It is a beautiful quilt. I so understand the whole process of laying it out (spending far to much time laying it out), and then by the time it's all sewn together, realizing that you screwed up somewhere. Even when you point it out to me, I don't really see it. But I know that if I had done it, I would see those pieces all of the time. As for quilting, I'm kind of into diagonal quilting these days. But with all those diagonal lines, maybe you want something straight. Or even just stippling.


This is beautiful and very stunning with the light behind it. Being a novice I wouldn't have noticed your "mistake", but being a perfectionist I understand your frustrations! I have started my quilt but am having problems with our new computer and my camera. Will post some when I get going. Happy "making things"!


It is beautiful. I love brown as a border too; its warmth transfers to the quilt top itself. Your piecing is fantastic. Do you have a set quilting pattern yet?


That's a quilt on my list of quilts to make. You've inspired me more to keep moving it forward. Thanks for sharing.


Fab quilt.......I have always loved this quilt pattern and love it in these fabrics and the lush brown border is just perfect, gives it some real warmth and depth and enhances all the other colours in the blocks as well as framing it beautifully........and I would never have spotted the fabrics next to each other - it looks beautiful and thats all you need to fix on (mind you I know I'd be just as bad if it was something I'd made - lol)

And I love it hanging in the door way, can't you use another door????

Amanda Cathleen

breathtaking! It looks beautiful hanging up in the doorway, and laying down too! All the colors, all the prints work so well with each other its breathtaking! I love your quilting posts, with each one that I read I feel just a little bit more inspired to finish my eldest daughters quilt that my mother started and handed over to me to finish (gah).


Looks wonderful, I think I will have to put that on my list.


absolutely beautiful. I love the stained glass effect - especially how the light behind it makes the seam allowances appear to be the leading.
great job.


I think it's just beautiful! What an amazing idea to put it front of a window - I may have to try that at home!

I love the fabric and colors you chose too.


beautiful as usual! you make it look easy :)


All I could think of was stained glass, and THEN you hung it on the door. Unbelievably gorgeous!
The brown border really sets the colors off. Come to think of it...you are the one responsible for my current brown obsession. I am just now realizing that it was a quilt you'd done for your daughter in brown and turquoise, maybe??? Now I can't get the brown-and- color combo out of my head!
(I'll just keep looking at your many quilts, and eventually the obsession will switch, I'm sure!)


I keep dragging my family members over to look at the photo with your quilt hanging in the door. "It's a wonderful decorating tip" I say to them, "we need one like that in our home". They agree we need a quilt like that in our home but then I get funny looks about hanging it over a window! My suggestion to you is that doors are over rated and any sane quilting, knitting, scrap booking, and stamping person would easily give up a doorway to have such a beauty reside in their home! All kidding aside, I have to say that is one of my favorite quilts. How long does it take you to lay our the color strips so you are reasonably happy with the outcome? I'm hoping to see a book published by you sometime in the near future. You have real talent! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your should be breathing cleaner smoke free air this time of the year and I imagine the weather is just beautiful. My sister lived in San Tee (spelling?) about 30 yrs ago for a year while going to school so I have visited that area a few times many, many years ago. I'm sure I wouldn't recognize the area. Alison


Love love love love this quilt! Didn't see any errors till you pointed them out! What errors??


Love love love love this quilt! Didn't see any errors till you pointed them out! What errors??


I love this quilt top! So gorgeous!


ohh beautiful...I love heather bailey's fabrics. Did you follow a pattern, I'm trying to work out how you did as i just love it!!

Annie Dunn

Hello and congratulations on your fabulous braided quilt, the colours are gorgeous and so is the stained glass effect, well done you!!

Warm Wishes,
Annie Dunn
Saudi Arabia


This is an absolutely beautiful quilt. You have done such a great job. Do you mind my asking what jelly roll you used. Our local quilt shop is offering a class making this quilt and I had liked but not loved the pictures of others I've seen made so I was going to pass. After seeing yours, I know think I might take it. I also love it as a stained glass piece. What a great idea to hang it up like that.
Thanks for sharing,
Betsy Olguin


so pretty! thanks for sharing!

Krysytyna  Stigger

I do love your quilt, I also love any thing scrappy, cos that the way quilts were 1st made. Yes you should be proud of it, Krystyna


wow! This is soooo pretty!! I'm new to quilting, I just took my first class and am still working on my first quilt. The one you made here is so beautiful! What fabric did you use for it? Its really lovely!

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