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August 16, 2008



Adorable coasters! And what a great way to practice that quilting. I also love the seam sewing tip - I must try that.


Love your Lizard Ridge blocks! One of these days I'll be making them too, I hope! Beautiful colors you selected!


Wow!!! As much as I love Lizard Ridge, I think I like the photography even better!!!


Great to have you back in the blogging world:) Your garden is to die for-so beautiful! I am lovin' the Lizard Ridge blocks. Is that a difficult pattern? The switching yarns every now and again has put me off-any tricks? I actually have a huge collection of Kureyon and would love to use it up. I look forward to more posts now that school is beginning again-I can't believe summer is coming to an end. We haven't even made it down to San Diego this summer:( I miss Pannikin (YUM).

Ruthanne (in Seattle)

Lovely, just lovely. Thanks for sharing.


You made it through another summer! So glad to see your posting again. I can't say the same for myself. Now I'm dying to try some of that raspberry beer! I'll be hitting the liquor store tomorrow, for sure. I wish I could scratch-n-sniff!

Amanda Cathleen

oh my goodness! Those coasters are spectacular! A brilliant idea too. Your lizard ridge is looking good, I love the colorsways that you choose.


Great tips Nancy, especially the one about sewing off the fabric for the turning hole. I haven't tried that but now I will. Given the HUGE quilt I've been working on all day these look really fun!


thanks for all the tips. these would make great christmas gifts and be a wonderful way to practice my free motion quilting...i need all the practice i can get1


Hi again. So sorry I missed you when I was out. What a mess! I've seen so many people in one spot in my life. You garden is gorgeous as always and how I would love to sit and listen to the buzzing of the bugs. You've been a very busy lady and spent your summer time well. I'm halfway through scrapbooking Beth's trip to the UK last year. 100's and 100's of photos. The NORO blocks are fantastic. I love how the colors blend and change in the light.


Nancy - You have just outdone yourself with this blog and the last. I love all your garden shots and comments, and all your exasperating kid and cat stories, too. I learned firsthand the meaning of "smell a rat" when my sweet little kittle left one under the piano for us.


Thank you! It's adorable.


That Belgian looks great, as do the adorable coasters! every time
I read your blog I'm inspired to get on the sewing machine!


I love the coasters and the tips on making them, and lizard ridge is just stunning


I so love popping over to your blog every month or so--your images and projects make me so happy. I'm a very new quilter, and have been terrified to try the free-motion thing, but these sweet coasters are giving me courage...

Thank you! Keep making things!


I love your hot pads, I'm going to have to try that, I don't know if I can make mine design look as nice as yours, haven't tried that yet. I also loved your passion flower (purple flower) pretty cool.

Michelle H

Littlest Pet Shop rugs. . . what a great idea! hehe

These are beautiful. Thanks for the tips!


Wow...they are SO pretty and will be a wonderful way for me to learn out to machine quilt on my new machine! Thanks for sharing!


I love the coasters and I am just starting out in the sewing/quilting world, do you think its a terrible thing not to use the walking foot, I bought a generic one and the opening wasnt large enough for my needle to drop so my latest quilt I just used my regular foot, I have a few other projects to do but I think everyone will be getting quilted coasters in their stockings this year


What kind (make, model) of camera do you use? You pictures are spectacular.

Tamara Erbacher

I have made some of these coasters to and agree with you, whilst I thank the authors for the idea...it is really not a pattern! I am going to try a circular variation too:-)


I didn't have time to tell you the first time I read this post but I have to do it now. Those knited blocks are amazing. They are SO beautiful, just looking at them makes me happy. I am so wishing that a good fairy would appear right now an teach me how to knit so I could make some. Is that multicolored yarn that you used or do you actualy change colors several times a block? Also, thanks for the coaster idea. I was looking for a project that would be small and fast to practice machine quilting and this is it. Little do my friends and family know they are getting coaster in their stockings!

Have a great day and thanks for sharing.


I am a fellow North Countian. I live in Oceanside. I love your coasters and your blog. It's all so beautiful.


thank you for all info. I plan on making these as frugal Christmas gifts.

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