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August 14, 2008



I have a firecracker like yours!!! I'm homeschooling her this year. Yikes! She wants to quilt though, so there's hope. I'm counting days until the rest of them are back in school though.

Enjoy your garden!!!


Your garden is looking lovely!!


What a beautiful garden!


With those beautiful photos who could just scroll past to see the fabric? Your garden is lovely. I can just see the Passion Flower becoming the inspiration for a quilt, but then I've just been flipping through Radiant New York Beauties by Valori Wells.

And, yes, I did read the text too - I enjoy cats, but I enjoy them even more since I can get my cat fix at the boarding stable and not at my own house (this is a reaction to growing up with 4+ cats in/out of the house at all times).

Looking forward to your quilt projects this fall!

Louise Snitz

I've been looking for your post and am glad you're back in the swing (cybernetically). Great story about the cats. We have three. One's too old to hunt, but the two others catch & kill the occasional mouse. The youngest climbed up a tree, & I swear, knocked out the robin's egg. The evidence was the blue thing on the sidewalk -- cracked. The robins were understandably upset. (Then I saw the cat over my head, in the tree, while I was on the sidewalk. This is how I came up w/ the 'culprit'.)
Of course, you're gardening work looks fantastic!

Amanda Cathleen

you have been busy this summer, and your garden is gorgeous! Passion flowers are one of my favorites, they are beautiful


your garden is looking fabulous, just wish my creativity could be so inspired in the garden, I'm counting the days until mine starts school, September 25th, but that's just mornings, things really get going in January when he is there from 9 till 3pm, roll on Christmas!!


Beautiful garden, just beautiful. I find that each day I have to check in to see if a new post has made it's way to us so I can keep up with your projects. I grew up in the high desert town of Lancaster, CA and find so many of your plants were also found in my backyard as a little girl. I now live in Northern Ca and am just getting started on redoing my backyard with plants that thrive in this part of the state. I'm almost finished with my Lizard Ridge but it has been marinating for the summer. Your comment on yours makes me feel like pulling mine out to start the sewing task. While your counting down the hours till the girls are in school, I'm remembering what that was like as my baby (youngest of three girls) just started driving. My older two girls are in collage. Where does the time go? Love your blog!


My girls are back at school today! Very exciting. Lovely photos, and I'm glad to know that other mothers yearn for the return to school.

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