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July 01, 2008


Ruthanne (in Seattle)

Nancy you continue to inspire! Love the quilt for your husband and lizard ridge colors are fabulous. I just couldn't get into it when I tried it. I'll watch yours grow and enjoy each picture! The lace is gorgeous too. I know what you mean about lace still on the needles.


Your latest quilt is wonderful! It's just manly enough for your hubby!

I just love the quilt you made for your daughter's teacher - what a great idea!


What a great choice of quilt pattern for an office! Very striking without being too *quilty*. You have such a good sense of design and color, Nancy.
The Noro blocks...lovely. But how can you go wrong with Kureyon? ;-)


Love, love, love the quilt! We're sitting here right now looking at wallcoverings for my husband's new office. I may have to be a copycat!

The lace is wonderful too! That's all I want to knit right now.


Love the quilt, the knitting and the skirt, don't knw how you fit it all in, ut I'm glad that you do!


What has happened to all that slow summertime knitting? Summer is 1/2 over and I haven't managed any either. Lovely blog as always, and I always thrilled to see Emily's reaction to new skirts and in this case the end of school as well. I love her exuberance about life. I think the quilt for the teacher was a fantastic idea and I can tell how excited the kids are to show off their "squares." That will be a very treasured gift.


Such a wonderful quilt and the quilting is amazing. Love the picture of all the kids gathered around the quilt. So fun to see them so excited. And your daughter...great skirt...even better expression...joy!

Teresa C

Man! You do more in a week than I do in a year! Action! That is my new motto for the summer as well. We should start a Ravelry group. Ha! That wouldn't take too much time away from what we are thinking about and wanting to do, would it?


Wow! You are so productive! The husband quilt is quite manly; don't you find it hard to do crafty things for guys? I love the way you used your batting stash. It is so satisfying to use up stuff that one already has. I have been making progress on stash-using projects, and hope to take some pictures this weekend so I can share.


Absolutely stunning projects as usual!


Just found your blog.....Such wonderful colors - beautiful quilting, wonderful knitting, adorable sewing...you are quite the artist. Thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration.

joy (austysmum)

Wow you have been busy! I love the quilt, and how cute is that little skirt - looks like it will be much loved!


Can we swap daughters - mine is now 13 and officially a grouchy horrible over-opinionated brat? Also I love the quilt - that is fabulous, really lovely. I am so tempted by Lizard Ridge - it looks delectable and the shawl and stole are lovely - very summer garden colours


Of all the beautiful quilts you've made (that I've had the pleasure of seeing), the teacher's quilt is my fave.
I'm sure she loved it.


So much loveliness here! I especially love the picture of your girl in her skirt...she looks so happy!

Hope you all are enjoying a great summer!


Why can't we adults wear such fun and girly skirts? *pout*

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