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May 12, 2008



Your garden is beautiful! The roses are gorgeous, I can almost smell them! Things have been off to a slow start here in Louisville this year. Lots of rain and cool temps. You are so fortunate to have a climate to grow such a lovely garden.


That yarn is gorgeous!!! I love any shade of orange. How many yards do you have?


The garden is really looking fabulous! I live in Northern California, and I would also love to get rid of most of our lawn. I walk around the neighborhood looking for ideas. I may have to investigate the Pittosporum tenuifolium. A privacy screen would be nice!


This is your garden? I'm in awe. I could spend quality quiet time knitting there surrounded by all the beautiful plants. You surely have a green thumb and a lot of expertise in laying this out.


The Hummingbird Moths are the craziest things I have ever seen! After running into a whole flock of them the other day I was trying to explain them to my friend and she still thinks I'm nuts.

Your garden is beautiful! Mine..not so great!


I'm really loving your garden - totally beautiful! Having a local knitting group is the best :)

Ruthanne (in Seattle)

wow - it is beautiful to see how your garden has grown Nancy! I remember when you first started with the garden plan and it was quite bare as I recall. Your yarn is gorgeous. I am surely liking the colors on the quilt too! Thanks for the update.


I can smell the roses from Australia! I have never seen a hummingbird moth before - they look huge - great photos! I love how dry tolerant your garden is, and yet how well your roses do. Looking forward to more!


Wow, the garden looks fabulous, and nothing is better than a loose arrangement of fresh flowers in the house.

Is it just me or does kitties eyes match the blue in the quilt in those pics.


Wow! Again, your roses are just beautiful!!


Your garden is a beautiful oasis, and your flower arrangements are gorgeous. As for that quilt - my favourite colour combo at the moment (especially with the ginger topping).


omg your garden is absolutely gorgeous! I'm jealous :). I miss that California Sunshine.


I love that surplice lace top. Be sure to post a pic when finished, please?
Your garden is as beautiful as your quilts.
You've got a lot of hours logged there, don't you!


Love the pattern and color for that top!

I also love lamb's ear in arrangements. It does amazing things in a vase, doesn't it?

My five-year-old daughter said yesterday, as if she were the first person to ever string these words together in this order: "I want to change the world!" She was largely referring to making the world one in which her father was home all or most of the day. And one in which doctors don't give shots.

Thanks for the abundance of inspiration.


Wow, a true feast for the eye!

Tiff@Three Peas

Your garden is absolutely beautiful! I wish mine looked that pretty!


Those are amazing pictures! Also, your cat's eyes coordinate beautifully with the fabric. Too bad you can't dress him up?

Ivory Spring

What beautiful rose pictures you have shared! I absolutely love your garden!

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