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April 05, 2008



Your quilt is stunningly b e a u t i f u l ! Congratulations on brilliant colors and clever quilting!
I have been thinking about making an orange quilt, lately. Seeing your beauty, I cant wait to get started. And your pictures are beautiful to. You make the most inspirational blog!!! Thank you for sharing!


Wow, wow, wow..........beautiful quilt, absolutely love the colours.......and love the freehand flowers......just gorgeous, the whole thing is just gorgeous


I love the quilt! I really like the multicolored zig-zags on the binding. Nice touch. The flowers that the girls picked are perfect with it.


What a lovely quilt! It's so nice and cheery. And I love the flowers, very beautiful.


Beautiful quilt. Love the way the fabrics kind of melt into each other--it all just glows. Well done!

I have quilts my great grandmother made that are bound the way you describe. It might alarm the 2008 Quilt Police but it's a totally valid way to make a quilt.


Ditto everyone's comments - sorry that my lazy way of saying how fab your quilt is! I really like your attitude towards the binding; sometimes we need less 'regulation' in our world and why not start with binding. The zigzags kill me!

Octopus Knits

It's just beautiful! I love your whole photoshoot : )


I absolutely love this, Nancy! I remember when you shared just the top. The final result is stunning. And I love the table--goodness, it is gorgeous! Happy Spring to you and I hope you and the girls enjoy a fun Spring Break.



wow! The quilt is magnificent! As usual, I am awed. The daisy quilting is beyond awesome.


I absolutely love the quilt! The quilting pattern turned out great ~ way to go:) Gerber daisys are my favorite!

Tiff@Three Peas

WOW i love the vibrant colors!!! You are one talented lady!!!


Beautiful, just beautiful. You really inspire me.

Teresa C

I love the way the quilt matches the flowers. So Lovely.

I have a quick question, and it is so basic as to be almost a little embarrassing to not be able to decide this myself. I stumbled into a fabric store, my favorite one, and bought fabric to make a bag (Amy Butler quilting). I'm sitting here debating washing first or just cutting. Help me decide?


Hi Nancy! I could not get this comment to show up on the proper post, so posting here! I love the color yarn you chose for you latest knitting project. And I agree, blogging is fun, but sitting in a room with like minded crafters is so energizing. I am much more of a in person type of person anyway.

Your garden is just exploding with loveliness! I want to come sit with you and have a cup of tea.

Hope you are well!



The quilt, flowers, and table look spendid!

air jordan 11

Nancy, you are a quilting machine! It' so pretty. And the dining area is lovely with the quilt gracing the table. And the back of the quilt! I have that fabric in another shade - I am using it for one of those cute reversible aprons by Montesorri By Hand. IF I could manage the time to actually sew. Looking forward to those long days of summer.

retro jordan 11

I have to come often these days to get more of the colourful splash of good vibrations this quilt sends out. It is gorgeous and this pink orange really stirs me up to severly raid my stash and to join in some orangy pinkish quilty goodness.


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