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April 05, 2008


Ruthanne (in Seattle)

Beautiful Nancy. Makes me smile - how lovely for all of you to have it welcome you on the table!


I'm glad your back! I've been checking for your newest post. Quilt is lovely, of course & gerbers are radiant.

It's always inspiring to check in with what you're doing.


Just beautiful! And perfect for the Spring. I would love to walk into my kitchen every morning and be greeted by such a lovely quilt.


I just gasped when the first picture loaded. It's wonderful!!! I thought the binding would give me hives, but it's perfect for this quilt. A fabulous job all around!!!


What a BEAUTIFUL quilt. The colors are so bright and cheery. Love your free-motion flowers. You have every reason to be proud!


Love the quilt, and the artful flowers too, it's beautiful!


Oh my - just beautiful! I love the way it looks on your dining room table. My son wants me to make him a quilt and he loves linear design, so this pattern would be perfect for him. Maybe in different colours though ; )


just beautiful.
And I love, love, love that table!


I love having stuff around me that makes me smile just by seeing it. Your quilt makes me smile and happy!


Hello Nancy,
I appologize in advance the comment with the most spelling mistakes ever. I can't remember how I found your blog but I absolutly love it, I had lost the link for a while and found it again by typing the whench sews just in time to see this post ;O) I just want to say that I absolutly love this quilt, the colors, the quilting everything, it is beautifule. I also want to thank you for the thread link,I have just finished peicing together my very first quilt top and had started wondering what thread I should use. I also appreciate that you talk about you thought process while you are working, I find it very interesting and instructive. Thanks so much for the inspiration.


OH MY. So, so PRETTY! You made me retrieve the Flora pattern from the pattern stash and give it another look-see. Oh my.


Oh, that is gorgeous! Makes me feel sunny on a chilly, rainy night. I've been accumulating a little Kaffe stash and thinking of Confetti in the Modern Quilt Workshop book, but you are giving me other ideas ~


Wow, I have this pattern and yours looks better than the pattern cover! LOVE all the bright colors and the solid sashing. You did a fabulous job on the quilting. You have the perfect place to display it in your home.


The bright and cheery colors are just delightful. The free motion pansies are wonderful too. Looks like you're instinct was just right not to practice more.

I totally understand about taking a brave jump into the finishing! I tend to put off both the selection of a stitch pattern and the actual stitching. One of these days I'll have to get brave and jump into finishing all my quilting UFO's.


I love love LOVE the binding! You're inspiring me to get back to all the quilts I'm too afraid to finish. (I'm fine with piecing - it's the quilting that's scary.)

lily boot

Oh I'm with Kristin -its the quilting that's scary! But I love your new quilt - it looks gorgeous as a tablecloth and the gerberas are perfect. Awesome quilting!

Emily Dibdin

I love it.


I have to come often these days to get more of the colourful splash of good vibrations this quilt sends out. It is gorgeous and this pink orange really stirs me up to severly raid my stash and to join in some orangy pinkish quilty goodness.


Oh gorgeous - you've just brightened up a cold gloomy Scotland - the quilt (and the gerberas are fabulous), I especially like the photo with the kitty tail disappearing under the quilt


Nancy, you are a quilting machine! It' so pretty. And the dining area is lovely with the quilt gracing the table. And the back of the quilt! I have that fabric in another shade - I am using it for one of those cute reversible aprons by Montesorri By Hand. IF I could manage the time to actually sew. Looking forward to those long days of summer.


I'm gobsmacked! It is so beautiful, a true delight for the eye.


It's gorgeous! I love how it "pops" out against the dark wood. It really says "good morning" to you :)


Oh it's gorgeous! It looks like you could the fruit right off it!


Oh my...I almost fell over when this quilt appeared. STUNNING! Glad I found your blog. You do gorgeous work!

Julie Rappe

Gorgeous! I love it, really love it! And, the more I see of your house, the more I want to live there. I really does have a great open and relaxed feel, yet your decorating keeps it very classy. I think the map idea is splendid! Post cards and other travel related bits would provide a very Indiana Jones feel, especially since your furniture always makes me feel like it has been gathered from exotic places. You might want to take a look at the very cool stainless steel bulletin boards at Pottery Barn. I got the large one, but there is a long narrow one too (especially cool for photos). They might be cool additions to the kitchen wall idea.

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