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March 11, 2008



Wow, you've been BUSY! Everything looks great--but especially that quilt. Gorgeous.


That quilt is just beautiful! I am always inspired when I look at one of your quilts. This one definitely is tempting me!


I'm with you on the group project and committee thing. I think I get the "worst mom" award at my kids school, because I'd rather stay home!

The quilt is fabulous. I love all the funky new lines that are coming out!


I love this quilt, eslecially with the sun shining through. It reminds me of a beautiful stained glass church window.


I love how it came out- the quilt-and devour in watching the progress.very inspiring!
I am not wild about groups either but this year I thought of a little bit more company and making friends, who when they are not living next door enlarge the horizon even more.
it looks as though I lent you my cats, I have a red and a black one, too.
And they love helping, which means licking one another's head and then start a little fight on the quilt layout;)


Wow, and Wow. Your quilt is simply stunning and I love the way the color move and work together.

I like to post pictures of progress made on projects on my blog more for recording purposes than to gather input. I understand the vacuum process. I am the same way.


Good heavens! You made a quilt in a week? And one so stunningly gorgeous! that is beautiful. Love the Tumbling Blocks also, Kaffe is a true inspiration. GRAT job - all the way around on your projects!


Wow, definitely a busy person. I like the quilt. It reminds me of tile flooring in the Mediterranean style. Very nice.

Yes, geraniums are the heartiest plants. Mine keep forgiving me when I forget to water them a lot. In fact I was thinking of getting more to plant in pots for the front yard. Cheers! :-)


I do love your guilt; it is absolutely beautiful! The colors are so well chosen....I think it will make your room a room you never want to leave...although your garden is a magical place too! We had a storm today with 1o degrees celsius, so looking at your geraniums made the sun come out! Thank you!


Wow! Kaffe Fasset will visit our city in autumn to open a exhibition about quilts. At this moments many women (and I hope also men) will make little quilts than will be one big giant quilt to cover a big tower in Leeuwarden (in Holland).
Kaffe Fasset will be there when the quilt will be released as kick off for the exhibition. It will be my first quilt ever.


Your blog just couldn't be more beautiful! Congrats on it all. I concur on the group thing. I like to sing in a group, but only because there is one director making all the decisions and I'm only responsible for knowing the music and singing my part well.


The tumbling blocks are fabulous! Very, very neat stuff.


What does one post when they are rendered speechless? Thank you so much for that wonderful blast of color.


I love that quilt, even though I didn't think I really liked Amy Butler fabric very much. Your blog is beautiful and I love to visit, so that is why I've given you the "You Make My Day" Award on my blog.
Thanks for the inspiration.


Thanks for saying nice things about my journals. I agree - I love the Yellow Farmhouse site too. I especially love her Christmas decorating.

Can I ask a question related to your blog? Your photos seem to be really good quality. What type of camera do you use? We are looking for a camera at the moment and finding the decision difficult because everything seems much the same.


Octopus Knits

Love the quilts (and your fuzzy little quilt assistants), and that orchid is beautiful!


ohmigawd, I want that parade wuilt so bad I can't stand it. But if I get another job to pay for all the juicy hot fabric, I won't have the time to make it. Whaaa. Okay, maybe a baby quilt. hmmm? I really love the way the sashing works on that one.


Absolutely gorgeous! Reminds me that I need to get cracking on a quilt top I have planned...


oh wow the quilt is just gorgeous!!!!! so are your other projects but the colours are just gorgeous!!!! well done


Your quilt is so beautiful, both the pattern and the colors. I usually visit for the knitting, and your writing, and your midwest origins now relocated to the sunny west coast. I have resisted the rebirth of quilting on the web and in my life, but your quilt has now got me wondering if I might change my mind.

lily boot

My goodness you are marvellously productive! I love the light coming through the quilt top and are you weaving your tumble blocks? And you're tagged! :-)


I absolutely love your site! Beautiful quilts! I was wondering if you might give me the contact info for Christine at your LQS. I'd like to get some instructions for her adaptation of the teacup quilt.


Lovely quilt. Kaffe Fassett has been one of my heroes for years. I love his approach to colour, drenching quilts and cushions in fabulous shades and wild patterns, and owe a lot to him when it comes to my approach to colour.
Had to smile when I saw your two cats taking centre stage on the quilt. As soon as anything gets made, there's usually a cat sat on it! Best wishes, Valerie


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