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January 09, 2008


Ruthanne (in Seattle)

What a great post Nancy! Beautiful clap/scarf for MIL and lovely zephyr for you! Nice job. . . knit on. . .


What eye candy Nancy! The snow, the scenery, the scarf, the sweater -- all lovely!


beautiful! Central Oregon is gorgeous. Yeah, I am finding that i am getting lots of knitting and crafting done with all of the snow. I hate driving in it. So to helps prevent me from going stir crazy since I'm in the house alot. I've been trying to keep busy with things I enjoy. It's kinda nice, admittedly.


Those photos all look so serenly beautiful, I hope you are over the bugs and feeling way better - I am assuming you are as otherwise you couldn't have done such a pretty sweater (that colour is a gorgeous green), I am with you on the issue of shaping jerseys - I think it is vital (otherwise I look like Sponge-Bob). The idea of an ideal knitting climate is a good one - I wonder where that would be (to maximise winter AND summer knitting...?), your MIL must be very special to get such a yummy scarf. Happy 2008


What beautiful pictures of your trip and knitting! I'm glad you are well again; I know what you mean about being too sick to knit. There were a few times last year during particularly demanding work periods when I was too tired to knit (even if I did get home before midnight!) I agree, too about living in a better knitting climate. It has been in the 70's all week, temperature and humidity. Happy new year!


Less than a week!!? I am so impressed! I'm going to really be crushed if you tell me you did that in just an hour or so each evening, like my usual knitting time.
Love the chevron scarf in your previous post - absolutely beautiful.


As always the pictures are inspiring. I love the sweater! Someday I need to figure out that negative ease business myself.


I got sick last year like that - 3 rounds of antibiotics - I thought I'd never get well. I was sick this week, but nothing so serious. Yes, the family knows I am not faking it when I don't feel like knitting. Wicked is lovely. i have the same measurements as you, but my knits always seem to be too snug - maybe I am in denial, I also don't bother with swatches sometimes. Yeah, I know. I'm anxious to see Mr Greenjeans. Glad you're well now.


Ugh. I do the same thing all the time--for some reason, think I'm bigger than I am, because I'm fearful that the hips or something will be too tight, and then end up drowning in my own knitting. I lost 10 pounds over the past year, which has made it worse--but over the past couple of months, I *finally* took a chance on two different sweaters and went a size smaller than what I thought I needed. They look fantastic, and I no longer look like a waif in my big sister's clothes. I think it says a lot about the body image of American women that so many of us feel like we're bigger than we are, don't you? Hooray for negative ease, I say--and congratulations on such lovely FOs. My word--I can't even imagine doing an entire sweater on one week, stockinette or no!

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