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December 14, 2007



Oooh! i'm glad you are knitting Mr. Greenjeans.I have that on my to-knit list.


ooooh my, that scarf when you get the full glory is gorgeous! I'm really intrigued to see how Skeppsta gets on as I am kind of keen to knit it but want to see if it looks as good as the photos in the book - though you have already chosen the perfect colour scheme (very, very pretty), am loving the look of Juliet and Mr Greenjeans - - your Mr Greenjeans is the nicest I have seen - that straight colour does way more justice to it that some of the other colours I have seen (though they are mostly nice too), the Juliet is sweet - there is a pattern a bit like that in one of my knitting books (if I can find it) that is a bit similar that I have been tempted to knit (can you tell my wish list is getting longer and longer), so will be monitoring your progress with great interest! Your colours are all beautiful by the way.


Can't wait to see your Mr Greenjeans finished. It's gorgeous. Thanks for the link too! I've got a Chevron on my list, but I can't come up with a combo I like. I tried one and frogged it. I have no way of knowing if it's going to work unless I try it, huh?


I love the Juliet! It's absolutely gorgeous. Great knittingcommunity isn't it, I can surf for hours on raverly (you can find me there as ladyknit).

Dawn in NL

Hi Nancy,
I hope this does not come as a shock, but the bottom of your Mr Greenjeans will pull in more than the original because the original doesnt have as many cables. It has both stocking stitch and cable while yours is all cables.

I love the colour and hope you find it blocks out to your satisfaction.


Mr. Greenjeans is on my list too. Oooh, I like the lace option! I can totally see the silver wing thing on the sweater but it says Buck Rogers to me ;)


I love the two sweaters - and in both, the colors you have chosen are so much nicer than the examples! Keep up the nice weather in SoCal for me - we're coming in on Fri noght -yay!


I love that chevron scarf and have been thinking of doing one, but really need to use up some of the yarn I already have. All the things you are working on are lovely - that color on that greenjeans is gorgeous! It's not too late, just rip out the cables and do the lace. I like cables too, but shoot, that lace was nice too with the added benefit of not damaging your idea of your hips - cuz you know it's all in yer head. I'm going to have several (like 9) days off at Christmas to re-evaluate where I am with all my wips and ufos. Have a great holiday!


Mmmm, yummy looking Noro. And I can't help but think your Chevron Scarf looks a little like Neopolitan ice cream. :)


Just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog! Your Chevron is just gorgeous and I can't wait to see the sweaters done!

Octopus Knits

Happy New Year! Lovely knits : )

crocheting secrets

Can't wait to see your Mr Greenjeans finished. It's gorgeous. Thanks for the link too!

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