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December 04, 2007



We certainly have all been there and I personally, know the frustration well :)You will prevail!


It is going to look great! I think we all do things like that.


It's generally the "easy peasy" knits that trip me up too, knitting is good for the soul like that - keeps us grounded - that "Duh!" or versions of it that grinds out of the mouths of frustrated knitters ripping back is just a yarnsterly version of the Zen-like "Oommmmmmm". It will be so pretty when it is done - that reminds me of another thing, knitters are very generous at letting go of past grievances (otherwise there are some knits that were a b**** to knit that I wouldn't wear after completion). We really are fabulous.


One of the things I like about knitting is that there are no tournements or whatnot to foster competition. We assist & sympathize & even laugh (with) each other but we have no speed races, endurance tests or stitching show-off contests. Thanks for sharing your frustrations - I can laugh at yours more easily than my own!


Definitely been there and done that. Glad you got it figured out :)


I supprot you, knitting can be like running a marathon! But when you won't give up, you can reach the finishline. Once an obstacle has been overcome (like you did!!) there is no way back.



Oh you are sooo brave to even attempt this pattern. Way to fiddly for me. But I can't wait to see Mr. Greenjeans and Juliet. Good luck.


Nancy - Even your mistakes are an inspiration. I totally agree about do-overs; they are just part of the process and you shouldn't get discouraged unless, of course, you discover that what you're making is not what you thought it would be. I just made a hat that was 4/5 done when I realized it was too big. I ripped the whole thing and cast on fewer stitches, but also made some modifications that had occurred to me while making it the first time. It will be part of the big Christmas knits post.

Valerie Kelley

Just wondeering, what color was the Koigu yarn in your Octobor "07 blog, please?


Nice to see the progress on all you are working on. Keep up the good work. May I ask the colorway of the Noro Transitions you chose? Most sites do not give the full shade card of current colors and I am trying to see what they look like knit up before I spend big $$ for a sweater project.

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