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November 26, 2007



Your baby blocks are gorgeous!! I've never tried that method of knitting. One thing at a time. ;-)


the tweed becomes this pattern.......great choice of color and yarn, it will make a terrific pillow. thanks for sharing....

Ruthanne (in Seattle)

the knitting is beautiful Nancy! I love the color sequenceing (sp?) - the pillow top will be lovely!


That's fudging it!! Holy cow-I'd love to be able to whip fudge up like that! It's gorgeous!


Wow, the tweed project does look fiddly, but it's gorgeous. I do love color so much but I'm so terrified of it. I have no idea what that is about. I also love tweed yarn and have quite a bit and have done very little with it. I should work on that. Love the punkin photo.


The tumbling blocks are lovely. I made the cardigan from the first Fassett knitting book 12 or so years ago, and I still wear it although it is ratty. It also cured me of the desire to do colorwork; all I've done since was the fair isle pirate hat and occasional stripes!


I am just drooling over those colors. Both the yarn photo and the blocks are beautiful.


Autumn and winter can be of such inspiration. Love your photos! I never knitted something of Kaffe before, but there is always a first time. Time will tell.


Gorgeous! Wow! What a great way to use that gorgeous yarn!


Your knitting blocks are beautiful, they really look like layers that you could reach out to touch.

catching up - I really like your glasses, very cute. I've been wearing bifocals for a few years but since my frames/lenses are small the lenses aren't separated equally. The reading part is shorter but I'm really used to it now.

I'm glad your family was safe during the fires. It seems like such a scary thing.


that sure is inspiring! love the tweedy colors and the blocks are so neat looking (as in tidy)

Octopus Knits

What beautiful colors! I'm loving your blocks : )


that is stunning - the knitting is goegeous (ins't the book wonderful! I have a copy and sent my favourite aunt a copy too, just in case it hasn't got to NZ yet) just a brilliant book with lots of gotta-do-thats. Love the squash photo - mum gorws amazing punkin as we used to all all the wierd and wonderful varieties she grows, Scotland is too soggy and bleurgh for decent squash/pumpkin/punkin sigh. Love your photos they warm up the room.

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