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November 01, 2007



I love that shop and I love that city!

Ruthanne (in Seattle)

someday I'll get to artfibers! Lucky you. . . the pictures are lovely - so glad you had such a good time. . . may your creative times resume soon!


It all sounds just wonderful . . . but, really, spinning is GOOD!


Wow, sounds like an amazing time and that shop looks divine, beautiful photos too, love the farmers market.......so glad you only had a layer of ash to deal with when you got home and looking forward to even more creativity from you soon


LOL. Amazing willpower there! Someday the siren song of the unspun fiber will snare you :)

What a fabulous trip. I'm jealous! Beautiful pictures as always.


Ah! Artfibers! I used to work a block away and Artfibers became a wonderful lunchtime haven. They do have a nice website, even more shopper friendly these days. Looks and sounds like you packed some wonderful eating and sites in - next time you're in SF, email me and maybe I can do the fabric/yarn store crawl driving in my city :) (ps thanks for the tip about the spinners, I've wanted to locate a spinning guild here.)


SF is by far my favorite city. And Artfibers is just awesome. I'm finally knitting up a sweater with the yarn and pattern I got there on a visit two years ago!


I'm glad you and you're family are oke.
Lovely idea to go on holiday to finish some needlework, i'm afraid it will be more then one for me (feeling very sorry for myself....not).
Thank you for a little peek of your vacantion. Loved your story and also the photos.


I just finished reading "A Crack at the Edge of the World," so I'm feeling very connected with San Francisco. It looks like you had a lovely trip. I really understand that feeling of not wanting to impose on the family by spending too much time in a yarn shop, but also wanting to fondle every fiber and contemplate its possibilities. You made up for any imposition on their patience by finding the worlds best donuts.

Octopus Knits

Wow! I love all the photos - what a great trip!


Ah, found you! And your website as as well-put-together and well-worded as you were when I met you in the sewing shop in Carlsbad! Thanks for the bag tutorial, the memories of the Palace of Fine Arts, & the inspirational blog by a fellow sewing sister. Good luck on your quilt--can't wait to see it here!


The photos look gorgeous and the scarf is so pretty - a perfect match of colour and stitch, your trip looks wonderful (and I am loving the spectacles!!! btw I never understand why when you go into an opticians and they ask you to choose frames they put the mirror so far away from you that you can't tell what they look like, but then I have had some bad suprises in the past!)


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