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October 11, 2007



The quilt is gorgeous - and even if there was a mistake, then that it would still be perfectly beautiful, a mistake is just an opportunity to take the scenic route in life, besides we are usually the only ones who notice our mistakes usually and as for trh Duh! moments - well I have plenty, I am remarkably slow on the uptake. Anyways, the colours are lovely and are like bringing your garden inside, totally impressed by how still Cami sits.


When I first saw the top picture and hadn't started reading yet I though, "She made a beautiful ironing board cover, but it's a little impractical. Um, so it has been a long day.

The quilt will be absolutely beautiful. You should be proud!


It looks great.


Beautiful, beautiful quilt!


Every time I take a look in your blog I'm so impressed. The things you're making are so beautiful and the photos are gorgeous!

Barbara George in South Carolina

Another beautiful quilt! I agree with your reader's comment it is "like bringing your garden inside". Your combination of the color nuances is lovely.
We can hear the bee in the photo humming and we can "almost" smell the wonderful scent in the air coming from herbs and roses. The photography, as always, is so beautiful.
I am still in pursuit of the new camera. Canon cameras do offer nice choices.


I'm a new reader, and I love looking at the projects you make and the photos you take. (yes, that's a rhyme. lol) It's inspiring to me because I'm somewhat of a beginner in the craft world, and I love to see the projects that talented people, like you, are making.


great pictures! The flowers and the butterfly shots are truly gorgeous!

Your quilt top is also amazing. I may pull out my sewing machine this weekend and work on mine...


this quilt is so delicious looking, I'm in my autumn projects with dark and rather dull colours that I am fighting with myself :should I cut a little bit of that highly attractive and mouthwatering fruit fabric and join in making some delicious fabric strips? Perhaps after sewing the other things as a kind of reward :-)

sheree (sheree's alchemy)

That quilt-the colors--just perfect!! And your garden blooms are also lovely--just the right colors for that quilt for sure.

amanda cathleen

your quilt top is beautiful! The colors are wonderful. And I totally get messing up! The biggest reason I dislike sewing or quilting, its too easy for me to mess up


I have that plant too: Sunset Agastache, huh?
(Yes beautiful colors on the quilt & accompanying flowers. When you discover every secret your house has to offer to support your needs: you'll never want to move....)
Lastly: at a museum (Detroit Institute of Arts) display, oh, about 45 years ago, my mother read that the "Indians" made a mistake in their weaving - to 'let the devil out'.


Beautiful quilt top, beautiful flowers! I had to smile at "and chatting with my husband (who was giving me his most engaged uh huhs while staring at the PC" - sounds quite familiar :)


I love, love, love your choosen colours!


PLEASE finish that quilt...I am dying to see it. The colors make me so happy!


I do so love your color sense. I have none of it. Oh and the garden photography is stunning.


Your latest quilt is just gorgeous!

I love me some sock monkey fabric too!

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