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October 07, 2007



I'm working on my second Chevron scarf. There's a Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/chevronscarf/ that inspired me to make my first. LOVE your colors.


I lived in San Diego and LOVED LOVED LOVED Honey's Muffins. They are DELIGHTFUL!! and I love Pannikin too. My sister when I'm really nice and she feels she wants to...will sends me coffee from there. She lives in Encinitas where I did. I'm very jealous of your wonderful day!!

Thanks for sharing and the pictures are beautiful. Good luck with incorporating the new lot of yarn.



Oh my goodness. Two dog-related tasks, chocolate chip pancakes, fabric shopping, Dream Dinners, take out food, and clothes shopping?!?!?! Can I come hang out with you guys? ;-)


That is one of the nicest versions of that scarf I've seen. I've thought about doing a bright sherberty one for my 3 year old little girl, but I really like the colors you've chosen! And I can't wait until she's 10 and can hang in a coffee shop!


It's great when you realise your children are fabulous companions and coffee-shop pals, isn't it?

Love that scarf (I'm doing a Branching Out and it's going s-l-o-w-l-y.


love your blog, found it via Farmer's Market on flickr, will visit often, makes my day to read your musings.and look at your colourful photos of life


Sounds like you two had a fabulously busy time. I'm looking forward to Kat hanging with me at a coffee house. In my dreams she's knitting as well. No rush though. I'm enjoying her current companionship.


Oh man, I am so jealous of the Pannikin outing. When we visit San Diego we stay in University Heights and travel to Leucadia for the deliciousness that is Pannikin:) I also visit The Black Sheep yarn shop-really fun and just down the road a piece. Your new projects look great. I hope the yarn situation works out. I look forward to your next post......


Gorgeous photos - ohhhh I can almost feel the sunshine (not something we get in the west of Scotland, sigh), wee girl looks adorable - I think she and our madam would get on really well, the knitting is beautiful and I love how ther koigu and Debbie Bliss work so well together. I'm with you when you ay Octber is better than September (hard month here too for various reasons) and besides in Scotland at least it always seems such a nothing kind of month - no pretty autumn colours, no sunny weather, no crisp cool mornings cold enough for mitts or scarves, no weather cold enough to feel knitterly and hibernatory, yep October is way better


BTW the autumn rose KAL... - sometimes I dive in before I think (well usually actually), and what with a massive postal strike in the UK now I am having plenty of time to think (waiting for right size needles, but am fully or is that foolhardly committed to doing it, sheesh I am geting perturbed by the thought as I adapted colours to suit me better)

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