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October 01, 2007


Octopus Knits

Great post! (and lovely flower pictures)


You are right on target! And I love the flowers, BTW. I do read that blog sometimes, I didn't know she had written a book. I think that the creative urge in some people is simply overwhelming. Others are consumed with ambition and careers. I don't find those rewarding, even though I has one. I like making things. It puts a personal touch on a life that is otherwise pretty darn consumptive in general. Even if I'm not a pioneer woman, I like to think I could have been good at it. My daughter claims I wield a chainsaw and a sewing machine with equal skill. Not true, but I keep trying. I don't think the world knows what to do with thinking women who also are capable and fearless and creative. So they make fun of us.


Gorgeous flowers and stunning colours......and I have to admit, I am very envious of the blue sky I see in the background - here, it's all grey skies, rain and cold.
Am going to investigate the links you posted about, in the morning when I'm not so tired.....


Very thought-inspiring links; thank you for posting them.

Ruthanne (in Seattle)

Thanks Nancy - I appreciate your insight and the way you put your thoughts together. . .


Thank you. How did I miss all that hoopla? I've been a Yarnstorm reader for awhile, and I totally love Jane for her style and eye for color.

Everything you've stated is so true. I find it ironic that every time the feminism pendulum does a major swing it's us women who are the ones putting down the one's stepping out. Whatever happened to the word liberation?

Oh, and blogland would be one scary place if we wrote all the details of everyday - I thank God for the glossing over. Give me the pretties :)

Barbara George in South Carolina

Dear Nancy,
Thank you for your lovely website which always is filled with the most beautiful photography, is rich in insight and stimulates the artistic senses in various ways.

I wonder what camera you are using for your excellent photography? I am currently comparing the new "fully automatic", high mega pixel cameras with macro ability. Might you have suggestions for best quality?


Yes, I caught all the hoopla. I'm a big fan of Jane's blog, and that journalist's piece seems somewhat lazy. Jane spent years in the wine trade, I believe, so I'm sure she recognises the smell of sour grapes. Upsetting for her, nevertheless.

Love the new name, btw.


You go girl! Well said.


Very well written and said - so true! I do read yarnstorm and love it. Very interesting this public airing of one's (and many times uninformed) opinions, I often wonder where and how they were formed. Thanks for taking the time to write this post.


Amen, Sister! great post!


Thanks for the link. I wonder if the reviewer did any research--reading Jane's blog, reading craft blogs, reading about the resurgence of crafting--or if she just aired her personal views on what she thinks domesticity is, because it's certainly harder than it looks, and it's a round-the-clock job.

A negative review would have been okay, nonetheless (because people do think otherwise) but this one was just spiteful.

Spinning Fishwife

Well, you know, that piece was in the [i]Telegraph[/i]. Nuff said?


Thanks for pointing to the comments on the telegraph article-- I hadn't thought to read them (though read the article once Jane had posted about it).

The juxtaposition of your flower shots amongst your writing is just great.


I totally agree with you! The whole feminist movement is about having choices and none of them are wrong. It all lies with the individual. It consistently makes me sad to see women acting out like the writer of that article. Women have been through so much to get where we are today (at least those of us who are lucky enough) and we shouldn't be tearing each other down. We should be using that energy to support each other instead.

sheree (sheree's alchemy)

What a wonderful post--thanks for sharing this with us! I did some reading recently that was talking about women deciding to stay home as anti-feminist. I am constantly disturbed by all this. I went to all girl high school, all girl college, and then got my PHD at one of the most male dominated universities in an extremely male dominated field. Now I am home, taking care of the family and home, and sewing and knitting and enjoying it all. I have had several say I "wasted my time getting my degree" and oh what a leading women I could have been, blah blah blah. They forget it is/was my choice to take the time with my family. It is not anti-feminist. It is not feminist either. It is me, human, mom, woman, wife, making my own life decisions and doing what is best for me, and my family. I am not sure why others have problems with our generation looking for something in between.
Melissa, said it perfectly as well.... we should be using our energy to support one another and not looking to judge and condemn one another for making choices different from our own.

Now off to read the links you have shared.

And beautiful flowers btw.



Well said! I visit Jane's blog regularly and am looking forward to her book. Her photos are always amazing and very appreciated.
Thanks for your thoughts regarding the article in the Telegraph. It seems beyond me when such silly articles are published - why is it so hard to just appreciate creativity in all its forms?


I loved your recent column about feminism and domestic arts.

Having had a hard week last week (in a freaky car accident from which everyone emerged unhurt, but my car took at 180 degree turn after being pushed in the right-back corner by an SUV avoiding a mattress!) and after finishing up a fiscal year in a Gov't contracting office, I can unequivocally vouch for the healing power of crafts. I finished a little Peter Pan tunic for my grandson and boy, does that make me feel good. Being 4/5ths across the county, I forget I have them ! (step-grandparent - forget the intensity of being with them), but finishing something for one of them brings me closer to them. Is it therapy? Or just life? Whatever it is, it's good (the crafting & the product.


I'm a week late to this, but - Amen! After all, what is feminism about if not giving us all the ability to make our own choices and have them respected? It really bothers me when women - who often call themselves feminists! - tear down other women for engaging in domestic pursuits or staying at home with their kids instead of having a job. We should be able to make those choices and be comfortable with whatever it is we really want to do. A real feminist would totally support either choice, and respect that we even have the choice to make for ourselves in the first place.


Well said! I am always amazed when people (the reviewer) so totally lack critical thinking skills. Sheesh.

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