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October 16, 2007


sheree (sheree's alchemy)

Oh Nancy, this post was a real feast for the eyes. The quilt is simply gorgeous. Your fearless colors appeal to me. I want a full peek at your garden, too. And the knitting--that blue-goodness. The sock monkey--adorable. My son would enjoy that!

Have a great day.


How very cool. I don't have the stomach yet for free-form quilting. While I'm a pretty decent driver, that is scary! As always, everything is beautiful. Glad Eldest won't need a root canal. Geez. It is always something isn't it. I just got a call from the preschool, the boy bunked his head on the playground and got a new goose-egg for his forehead. Matches the now green one on his sister's forehead!


Love the quilt, love the knitting, love the roses and lurve the free form quilting.....and think your free form quilting is far better than mine - now go and treat your neck and shoulders to a massage, they deserve it after 6 hours over a machine. So glad Eldest doesn't need any major work - unlike mine, who has inherited, teeth problems, small teeth and missing teeth.....she is on for her second lot of braces, with implants happening in about 3 years when shes 19/20.....so am trying to stress the importance of finding a husband with too many teeth to balance out her lack of them for their kids.....forget prospects, just ask him how many teeth he has - LOL!!!!!

Sandra Singh

I adore your Funky Monkey Quilt! All of your photography is stunning!


Your quilt top is just gorgeous. The colors are wonderful and so cheery. You did a fantastic job on it. The mistakes are what makes it yours, not that you can see any mistakes, it looks perfect!

Julie Rappe

Just fabulous! Your free motion quilting is excellent. I remember really enjoying it, maybe I better drop those dogs myself and give it whirl. At least when the weight of the quilt slides out of line it can just be part of the design. LOL.

Really Nancy, all your work is always beautiful. Truly stunning. I am incredibly jealous of your calm, slow and precise work. It really shows in the quality of your sewing. My impatience always costs me in the end. Thank goodness there was no need for a root canal! Having just undergone a crown last week (and I'm still in pain) I highly recommend skipping the joys of major dental work as much as possible.


The driving analogy for the free form was perfect. Very cute little quilt and the chenille thing should be cool.


I love the quilt, the colors look amazing together! I love all of your quilts, your blog is very inspiring.


this lovely quilt reminds me something sweet and sour, so refreshing, have to cut fabric.....tommorrow. got KF's book last Monday,I like the Frames and floral quilts a lot and his use of traditional blocks. his colours inspire me a - but not his techniques.
my children have braces- all of them, I know where my money goes every month.......the joy of parenthood. Will they invest their income in years coming in my and Dirk's third teeth?


I LOVE the monkey quilt. You're so crafty. :)
Oh, and you've also been tagged on my blog!


Wow--those quilts are wonderful! And the roses are unbelievably beautiful David Austins, right? Sigh. Just fabulous. My David Austins are just petering out--and are getting beat up by our rain, wind and hail storms these past few days. The knitting is gorgeous, by the way.

Ruthanne (in Seattle)

As usual your posts and pictures are outstanding, but mainly I am wondering how you are with the fires raging in so. california? You came to mind last night as I was watching the news and I thought I'd let you know my prayers are with you. . . Please post if you have a chance. my email: rmcpha(at)gmail(dot)com

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