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September 27, 2007


Octopus Knits

Ooo, River is lovely! That cake sure is something, isn't it -- glad your daughter and her friends enjoyed it!


I have a daughter of eleven years old and know exactly what you're talking about...we're off for a rocky but hopefully fun ten years and then some, since we also have a daughter of nearly 9 years old! By the way I just love reading your blog; your garden is gorgeous and so is your knitting and quilting; you have great feeling for colours!It is always a pleasure when you have something new to show us!


wow your River is stunning. and that cake looks good enough to eat (even though i hate coconut)


River is gorgeous!

Cool cake that I'm glad the girls liked. But that's a scary thought you had there! Ick. Teens.

Bonnie Vavra

Love your shawl!!! It's beautiful. What a fun cake.



amanda cathleen

river is breathtaking!
mmmm, the cake looks yummy : )


Those pictures are gorgeous! River looks really pretty too!

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