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September 18, 2007



I like the new blog look and the name... same fabulous pictures and as always an inspiring read. LOVE the new organization. Clean? Not me, but you knew that having seen my old apartment ;) Organized is what I'm striving for!

Octopus Knits

I love your knew banner -- so colorful! I really enjoyed your post and all the photos are great (the dog-matching floor pic is priceless).


I'm so glad you're back and so very sorry to hear about the bereavement, I'm thinking of you. I love the name and banner - my mum is a Nancy and the daughter has Nancy as a middle name (because I love the name and my mum!), I have always associated the name with good and courageous qualities - quietly bloody-minded and very quirky and original and with an ability to focus on what matters and get things done with great class. I am glad you have Nancy in your banner - Nancys' should be celebrated and there should be more of them. The photos are all great - I'd love to have a nosey about in your workspace (wouldn't touch anything honest, just look) and the quilts are so pretty - and the cat sets them off perfectly!


I LOVE organizing things. I find it so satisfying! Everything looks great.


Oh! its gorgeous! You see both the order and the loveliness of the stuff that is organized!


Looks so good! I am prone to the "If I don't see it I won't use it" factor...but alas, not everything can be on display ALL of the time.

Great space, it has a great feel to it!

Julie Rappe

I like the new look of your blog, and I really like the new name! It's so nice to have you back. :o)
My sympathies on the bereavement. Deaths set the whole world upside down in so many ways. Meant to tell you previously that I thought the twirly skirts in colors for school days were just great. Time to head to the big time and make yourself something. -Julie


Welcome back! It's great to hear from you. I love your new name and organized craft space. At my house the only really organized space is the knitting armoire; but the spice rack is not far behind. Everything I'm knitting now is a Christmas present, so the knitblog has gone into hibernation.


Sorry to hear about your loss...Glad you had a restful time. We need those now and again.

Your a woman after my own heart :). I'm so not very fancy either. I was kind of feeling bad about it the other day and your post kind of made me feel a little bit better :)


Oh I love the new stuff! Name, banner, organized craft space. Please come visit me and tell me what to do with all my stuff! I don't scrap or stamp, but this knitting and sewing is taking over my life and house. My family is quietly ignoring it, but there will be company for the holidays and I might have to rent storage. I am delighted that you actually ate the jelly - it has become my favorite. I even planted the seeds here at my place so I'd have some easy to get to, but honestly those things grow all over the state and they are ignored for the most part. I'm trying to pull myself out of a non-blogging mood and may do it very soon. Been sewing more than knitting - considering my queue, that is very bad. Take care of you.

Teresa C

Glad to see you are back. And ummm. WOW.


Welcome back! Thanks for sharing a peek of your craft room :)

amanda cathleen

sorry to hear about your loss.

dude! I love your craft table! Very inspiring.. very...
off plan my ikea trip ; )


Oh, it is so nice to see your creative place.
I also have many interests like cross stitching, knitting and patchwork. When the cildren became older, I got the little "babyroom" for me. I choose
a romantic wall paper, bought new not expensive furniture and my dream came true. I love that room. I love to organise my stuff. I like to find a clear
desk in the morning because it helps for a new start. And my cat likes to sleep near the desk side by side with a cross stitched cushion.
Thank you for the nice photos.
Greetings from Germany.


Love the fabrics in your quilt, I like the varying types of blocks, they all work together with lots of interesting patterns. I can't start a new project without a clean work space, it just clutters my mind too much. I don't seem to have the same problem with the rest of my house though ;)


The new organization ideas are really inspiring and it is so nice to have you back.

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