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August 24, 2007



Those both came out so cute! I find it alluring that she like a dash a sparkle, very feminine.

I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing but I would wear both of those skirts myself. Love your choice of fabrics.


Wow! What a good mommy you are!

And what a lucky little girl. You can tell that she loves them!

Teresa C

I have definitely had my moments when I have gone above and beyond to sew stuff for the girls and have been obsessive about it, but with the color thing, if we didn't have it they'd have gotten a ribbon for their hair or something! You are good!

Can't wait to see what the blocking brings!


Love the flapper picture!! And, really, what good is a skirt if you can't twirl in it?


Your fabric choices are wonderful. Fortunate Emily. So much better to twirl in than skinny leg low rise jeans. :o)


Your daughter is super adorable. She seems to really like all those great skirts you made:) Can't wait to see what is blocking-until then.......


Love the twirly skirts! Your girls are both gorgeous (our one is scowling at the moment - think Wednesday out of the Addams family - thats what we have, that must be why we have 2 boys and 1 girl...), will your skirt be twirly? I hope you get sparklies on yours (yes, the sparklies on the green one are fabulous and the matching footwear is wonderful).


That's better than beautiful; it's stunning!


I can only say WOW! Your skirts are gorgeous. (so's the little one in them!)
Dropped in by way of (starting at the beginning here) Finny Knits, Split Yarn, Yarn Maven to you. I may have just found a use for the 'destroyed' princess dresses - she loves the sparkly fabric too! I know I have lost of the other necessities. Now to find the time!


Those skirts are adorable. Go, nutcase, go!


I never made special skirts for color days, but it was a point of honor that my children never took "store-bought" food to a post-concert or recital reception! The things we do for love. I can't wait to see what you are blocking.


the skirts are really cute, but even cuter is Ems! Funny, I was mentioning to mom yesterday that I should sew Kat a couple of skirts. She's refusing to wear pants. Are you using a pattern or just winging it?


Well, haven't YOU been busy?! Adorable little skirts. If Abby sees those sequined flipflops I'm going to have to buy some. Great mixes, the sunflower dress is just a delight. I am really starting to like skirts.

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