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July 13, 2007



I'm seeing them as centered, Nancy.


Your lists are centered with IE6, left-aligned with Firefox.

I think it might have to do with your body tag (text-align: center). I'd try adding a tag for the ul to your css (text-align: left). That should do the trick.

I like the bag, it's cute. My daughter would love a bag like that for the beach. And I love the fabric, it's one of my favourite shades of blue.


What a fun bag! I hope to get a new machine the end of this month and this might be a first project :-)


The pattern is really well done! Many thanks. I can't wait to get started. All of my son's teachers will get new bags for Christmas!


Great tutorial! and I love your fabric!


I love the tutorial - the instructions are so clear and calming! I used to sew a lot before Madam became a toddler and screamed whenever I went near her with a lovingly smocked dress. I am feeling inspired to take time off in the next couple of weeks and dig the sewing machine out of the window seat (underneath the hamster cage which is a major moving exercise), now for a tutorial on chossing such pretty fabrics please.

BTW, if we make a bag do we get a free kitty with completed item?


I love the tutorial. I have been thinking I need to make some bags, and replace some old ones (not made by me) but I keep putting it off. Each time you show another one I am reminded; now I have no excuse.


yay! I'm printing this up and am going to try it! Thank you!


I wish I could sew!

Kim G.

Great tutorial!!! Thanks ever so much. I think I could get addicted to making bags.

amanda cathleen

Fantastic tutorial girl! Thanks!
hehehe I love the look velvet is giving you, "dude, don't think I'm movin!"


Thanks!! I am new to sewing and was looking for another easy project!


Nancy, that's absolutely fabulous! Thanks so much! I'll have to give it a whack.


I really admire your style of writing the tutorial - it brings out the creative, thinking side of the sewer. I know there are those who need those step by step instructions but give the sewer a little leeway. Wonderful fabric choices here ( and prior post) - you would do a great business on etsy, you would!!


Yay! Thank you, Nancy - I can't wait to get started this weekend! Hopefully soon I'll have a pic of my new self-made tote to send you!


Yay! Well, I know that I was one of the whiners that begged for a patter/tutorial and this is great, so thank you. I have a question, this fabric appears to be a canvas, do you find it more stable for the larger bags than say, a polished cotton or other nice print by someone like Heather Bailey or or Amy Butler? I wonder if I should go shopping, or use what I have?
I really like the fact that you included a shoulder strap AND handles. Very versatile.


Great tutorial!


Great tutorial! You explained it so well, especially to a newbie like me! I'm so inspired to try to make one. Thanks!

ms moniker

Just found this...thanks for taking the time to do this tutorial. Very helpful.

Oh, and I loved seeing your pets in the pictures. I noticed the dog sleeping in the background of the 1st photo. Then your cat was sitting on the table for the 2nd photo. I was half expecting to see animals in all the pictures!


What is it with cats and their desire to help? :D I keep finding crafty sites with cats "helping"...

Very neat instructions. Thank you!

Lara Carter

Thank you! I was looking for a bag to get me through the summer with swim lessons, runs to the neighborhood pool and trips to Vegas and Grandmas. It turned out great and I can't wait to use it. I added an edge of the same fabric to the ends of a cheap beach towel and appliqued my name on it too. I put my initials on the outside of the bag. A little personalization.

On the turn out hole I have learned if you make a right turn and sew off the fabric at the opening edges. It makes it really easy to turn the fabric back in and sew down.

Happy sewing!

April de Haan

Hello, Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. I am making a bag for my sister based on this. She wanted a bag ot carry all the stuff that goes with traveling with twins....I am almost finished with it. I am relatively new to this tote making scene and am wondering about securing the lining to the outter fabric. other than at the top. is there a way, with just a basic sewing machine, to secure the bottom and the sides?

Schaumburg, IL


just finished one of these bags and I really like it!! Easy to follow tut and I love the size. It will be great for the beach and pool.


Thanks so much for the tutorial. I made mine a little smaller, but not too much. I'm a teacher and there is always stuff that has to come home. At least now it can come home in style. :o)


Great tote and directions ! Thanks for sharing it with us. I am going to make a neat tick or treat tote using some halloween fabric. I will make it smaller and use two staps. Again Thanks !

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