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July 29, 2007



As usual, so much to comment on, Nancy. LOVE the cups! Everything about them...the blanket stitch looks great against the bright KF fabrics..very graphic. I always liked that original bowl design. The cups are a fun variation.
The skirt is very sweet. I've seen them all over the blogs and know Molly would've loved one at that age.
Finally, the over-the-door organizer is a winner idea. We may be in temporary housing for a while and this looks like it may be the perfect way to separate my *necessities* from what will have to go into storage for a while. Off to Target later!


Love the cups. You are doing a great job. I so long for a craft room. In our new house, which we move in august. I have to share the computer room with my craft stuff...but it will be more space than I have now. :) You have some great ideas to implement to help with the sharing. :) Thanks.


Wow! Must have been a wonderful but strange sensation to get used to having all that time then have it some to an end. Clever solving of cutting for the quilt - love it! You saved the best for last - a good chuckle was had re: "My family knows upon threat of death that no tool in this can may be used without permission and never on paper" - I think all needleworkers (me esp.)are the same about their tools.


Wow! I dug out the three blocks of my teacups this morning as I was hunting for some beads (a new hobby but I have to hide it under knitting as otherwise people here will know I have been spending...). I had started blanket stitching around as I couldn't figure any other way to finish it and also done the cut, stick to fabric, cut again method (again out of ignorance). Must pull the rest of the bits out and at least show them some daylight - I was kind of put off by the original quilt lay-out (it doesn't appeal to me either), so must have a rethink. Your work room looks fabulous - no wonder you are so productive, most of my sewing is in the window seat under the hamster (and I need written permission to move her from Miss12), my yarn is in various wardrobes and I hate to think where my favourite scissors are (despite no one being allowed to use them, they "wander" - if they put them back I wouldn't know, apart from the gradual bluntness), the plastic pockets on the door is a stroke of genious. I love the skirt - but as it is obviously a twirly kind of skirt I can't imagine how you imagined Little Miss could actually stay still for a photo anyway!


I don't know what you were worried about. That skirt is adorable! And it looks like a perfect fit. I have been wanting to make one like that, each tier different for Abby, but my stash is too wierd. I can't find 3 that work together - in that way, ya know? Anyway, outstanding. Of course, you won't be able to stop at one. Oh, and the cowboy boots totally make the outfit! Now, I gotta go get a clear plastic shoe holder. Brilliant.


Seeing your little one in her new twirly skirt and boots reminded me of when my little one at age 3 (now 27)got a pair of shiny blue snow boots lined with shearling. She wore them everywhere and with everything (picture bathing suits and snow boots) for 2 years. No, they didn't fit. Yes, I got a lot of disapproving looks from folks at the grocery. Still makes me smile!


Wow! You have been super crafty. The skirt is really adorable as is the recipient:) What a great idea to keep fabric on a shelf. I have ALL mine in bins and I really dread going through all of them to find just the fabric I need. It is a problem because I have about 12 big bins (I used to work at a quilt shop:)). I think I will be doing some reorganizing in the near future.....


Thanks for the skirt link! -- my girls will dance too.

I love those oatmeal tins -- wonderful graphics and so perfect for storage.

And the quilt is gorgeous!


Fun to see the detail of your tea cups. The colors you've selected are beautiful. I started a rice bowl quilt over a year ago now. It's all sitting in a big plastic bag just waiting and pleading to be worked on. I was really attracted to both of these patterns. I'm doing the rice bowls with needle turn appliqué which I don't really know how to do which makes it easy to ignore. Seeing your project is giving me inspiration to start work on it again.

As a side note, I made 3 of those skirts for Leil using that same pattern. Gathering the tiers on the final one nearly killed me! Good thing she wears them every other day.

Elsa Valentine

These craft blogs have saved my sanity, Hurt my back 3 months ago and cannot do my own stuff yet - with powerplate and exercise I am getting there. It is sooo great that a younger generation is reviving all the crafts and hope to be joining all my likeminded friends soon.

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