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July 02, 2007



Well, it's just gorgeous, the yarn is stunning, but dear lord, aren't there people we can pay to do this stuff for us? I will scrub floors with a toothbrush before I will do colorwork, it gives me a stress headache just commenting about it. I love the color and design. I am terrified of the backside of the knitting. Masochist is right. But I'll peak in to see how your doing. Pleas don't make it look easy - that would be torture.
I love the shot of the doggie with the nose out the car window. You should frame it.


I never put my finger on it, but reading your post made me realize I'm the same way about blogs being my group that I can turn to at my leisure while mostly knitting at home.

And way to go ordering the kit! I didn't know there were throw patterns. As long as there aren't more than 2 colors per row - it's no problem. Just do one row at a time!


It looks gorgeous. I always stretch my stitches out to a "comfortable" distance to get the floats the right length . . . if your stitches are still scrunched on the needle, the float will be too short.

Love that co-pilot!


Very pretty! And I agree that the kit is the way to go. I learned to do the two handed two color knitting from the Philosopher's Wool book and I think it's just great! And your swatch looks fabulous--so I can't wait to see the bigger version :).


I agree! very pretty! I will look forward to your progress. I've been thinking about diving into fair isle lately, too.


Oooh very pretty - can't wait to see how that knits up! I'm off to go re-check out the site right now!


Your swatch is amazing! It looks great! Are you sure you're only starting out? I could never do that!

Can I ask about the kit you got? You sent me to that site and it's my birthday tomorow so I maybe want to treat myself and I NEED NEED NEED the St. Ciaran wrap so I wanted to ask...is the yarn soft or scratchy?

Thanks for the link to the site (I've been wanting that wrap for ages, had no idea they did a kit! And I couldn't find the pattern separately!)


Yay! Welcome to the deep end of the pool :) Fun just jumping in isn't it? You really hit the nail on the head with the obstacle in learning two handed knitting, getting the off hand comfortable with the activity. I had to teach myself English in order to do two handed and boy was that tough. I actually worked a couple of projects that way, single color/single handed, before attempting the two color in order to really get comfortable. There was a struggle to keep the good hand from ripping the yarn out of the bad hand and just blasting through, but I'm ever so glad i pushed on. That wrap is going to be stunning!


You have done it again, o Queen of Inspiration! I love the pattern and the dear little swatch, and your willingness to admit to being intimidated by it all. My only experience with stranded colorwork is a "skull cap" (see my blog March 2006). Tension was an issue, and I started it twice to get it right. Several years ago, in an earlier knitting life, I made a cardigan in Kaffe Fassett's Tumbling Blocks pattern. I think it cured me of any desire to ever again do intarsia, but I still wear the sweater.


Ah! You're up for a nice, challenging project I see! I'd say your choice is one of their most gorgeous pieces that I'd wear. I think you will do fine - after all you had the will to see the garden project through. And from what I read on blogs, Starmore kits are wonderfully thorough. Let us know how it comes along.


Oooooooooooh I love fair isle stuff - once you get into the rhythm of it just flows along and the progress feels really quick as you feel the need to finish a band of pattern and the starmore designs are sublime. I love the colourway and the swatch is like a little piece of art (it would look good in a frame wouldn't it). Though the concept of doing two handed fair isle is way beyond me, I am just a boring old one hander.

I love the navigator, she really looks as though she is guiding you safely on your way (does she know the route to all the good yarn and fabric shops - now that would be a useful obediance skill)?


That is absolutely gorgeous. Well done!


Wow...what an incredible endeavor! Your swatch is perfect..as all of your work is : ) I'm sure it will turn out beautifully.


This is going to be smashing -- and it will be perfect, as everything you do you give so much love and attention to. I can hardly wait to see your progress!

Are you on Ravelry yet?


wow, gorgeous work!
such a cute doggie too!


Lovely fair isle wrap. Nothing like just jumping in with both feet is there?
I'm just finishing my first mittens - actually two pair, one Selbu and one Latvian. I did take a class at Stitches Midwest this past August from Beth Brown Reinsel on stranded knitting, and learned some interesting things.
First is the concept of color dominance. It's really important (who knew?) to be very consistent with which yarn is carried across the top and which is carried across the bottom.
Also, I've been reading a lot of the folk knitting texts, and they ALL recommend carrying floats up to something like 7 stitches without weaving. The weaving really tightens the work. For a stole or wrap it isn't as important as it in in something like a mitten that needs to stretch over the hand, but it's a thought. The Shetland wool you'll be using for that stole, since it is from Virtual Yarns, will also wear really well with the floats. It is a true wool, no super-wash or other treatments, and with even a moderate amount of use, those floats will all start to felt into the whole of the piece.
Have you checked out Marina's work? Stranded in Fair Isle? She's unbelievable, and I've picked up so much from her.

Happy to see you're blogging.


Hi, I love your Rheingold wrap kit too. The colours are beautiful. Can I just ask, when you bought the kit was the pattern just for the wrap or was it for the sweater too.
many thanks and happy crafting

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