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July 05, 2007



Love the bag and the fabrics work really well together.......love the whole blog, I look forward to stopping by often.....


Great bag. And wonderful pictures too, how nice to find something and be able to share it and use it with art books to help develop art appreciation skills and awareness.


I love your bag - there's just something about big ass bags that makes me happy. And you always have the best fabics! I will want to see the others when you finish them as well. Auggie is a lovely cat - I knew another orange tabby named Auggie in a previous life. The kid art is great - Abby has done some nice ones I really should frame. You've given me an idea now.

Interstingly, we don't have elk in Texas, but I have a friend who is a hunter and she wastes nothing - got the hide from her - she likes to do leather work.


OK Julia, I stand corrected. Yes, elk aren't in TX, but I still think of it as a state where folks have hides in their stash. No disabusing me of that one! And please, before I get mail from the great state, I have good friends there - I'm just joshing with ya'll.


Cute bag, cute kitties, amazing artwork from your budding artists :)

amanda cathleen

the fabrics! They look so well together, another great bag : )
Your kids artwork is wonderful.


Wow, you did a fantastic job on your bag. It looks perfect!!


I love your bag! Seeing all these fun bags in blogland has helped push me into finally getting a new sewing machine. I'm pretty excited!

Cute helper...heehee

Octopus Knitting

Great pictures! I love your new bag, your kitty cat, and the colorful artwork.


Your bag is fantastic! Really lovely. And your daughters artwork is too.


Beautiful bag! Your daughters are very talented artists and you have wonderful cats :)


I LOVE view from a plane window- I'd love to see a quilt based on it.


love the fact you include the cats! i'm a beader and more often then not I have to look for vials of beads or loose beads due to a black and white kitty thief!

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