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June 20, 2007



Your garden is beautiful! Everything looks more colorful without humidity. I, too, have been weighing yarn. I was worried there wouldn't be enough to finish the faux Hanne Falkenberg shell, so I weighed the finished front (2 1/2 oz.) and the partly finished back plus unworked yarn (3+ oz.) What a relief! Good luck with the cardigan. The color is very elegant.


Hi, just found your blog in a roundabout way...love the mix of content, will be telling my friends about it.


Hi there--found your blog in a roundabout way, too (searching for funky monkey fabric on the web and googled my way to you). Wow, you are doing so many things that I wish I had time for right now...but thanks for the inspiration! I am on the opposite side of the country, but sympatico with so much of your aesthetic. Your garden would be best friends with mine.


What a nice post, the irony of gauge indeed. I find knitting to be quite confounding that way. Nice to have you blogging again, I think I found you just before the hiatus, and so am happy to have found you again. The garden is beautiful, such a reward for all the work and patience.


Lovely flowers. And sunshine - can I come and visit? ;-) It feels as if it's been raining for weeks here. Well, it has - floods all over the place, thank goodness we live on a hill!

Best wishes from soggy Liverpool


Oh I do love your garden, it looks just perfect for a glass of chilled white wine... I love dahlias but my mum likes chrysanthemums and it seems flowering people divide into either or the other as she has a thing about dahlias - but I love their big generous silky petals and divine colours, couldn't you just knit that flower if you could find the silky ribbon in that colour? As for the zen - I have some in my stash (a pretty blue that I long ago forgot what it was meant for, hmmmm am now inspired to dig it out and do something).


Holy crap, how did you get such a massive garden in such a short time? That is amazing and I am quite jealous. It's just lovely.


I know what you mean about guage. I have just been ranting about it too.


Your garden is just splendid!! I meant to comment when you showed all the pics of the structure in progress. I think you and your hubby did a great job!! And your roses (as always) are beautiful.

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