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June 06, 2007



your yard is absolutely gorgeous. you should most definitely be proud of your accomplishments. gorgeous.


This entry started out great and got even better. It was entirely inspiring. Your theory on scrapbooking was lovely, organic. I appreciated reading your thoughts.

And your garden. My DH and I are closing on our first house on Wednesday of next week, and all I can say is again, inspiration! We live on different ends of the environmental spectrum, but reading about your garden, I could relate. It's simply breathtaking.

Thank you for this entry!


You should be proud. It's a beautiful garden, and it's inspiring to see the end result. It's not just a garden - it's a solace. Masterfully done.


WOW!!!! It is spectacular. I wish my yard looked half as great as yours. I am about ready to call a landscaper and say, "just fix this!" I haven't checked in in a while. It was fun to read your new posts. I really love to quilt too and I have troble deciding what to do next-knitting or quilting?! Anyway, great posts and pictures. I can't wait for more.......

amanda cathleen

you should be proud of yourself! your garden is amazing, just looking at your pictures I can imagine plopping down and enjoying the afternoon in your garden! Lovely, relaxing, beautiful, how do you ever go inside? ;-)


Your garden is beautiful. You've done what I hope to do when I have a patch of land to call my own.

I'm so impressed by how you've managed to plan and carry out a wonderful living design.


Your garden is 100 shades of gorgeous!! I love it!


I said wow at every! picture, and the last one put my head closer to the monitor - it is a fantastic piece of art. This is an especially wonderful read - as I admire your attitude about your blog - it is yours after all!, yours days as a SAHM are very worthy!, and heck yes, you should be proud and brag about any accomplishment! Oh, and thanks for sharing those accomplishments!


WOW! Your garden is very, very impressive. I am in awe. Truly lovely.

And I really enjoyed reading about your scrapbooking process, too. I like how you go about it!


I've been visiting your blog for about a year now (it was your Cozy that brought me here), and each post leaves me wishing I had even just a fraction of your creativity and artistic vision. I love the photography, especially when you show the creative processes. The garden is breathtaking, you are absolutely right to be proud and show off!


Your garden is stunning and is like a kaffe Fasset quilt brought to life - just stunning, and all that hard work has brought so much so soon - just amazing. I don't believe you when you say you haven't had many successes in life, I can't imagine what yardstick you would measure yourself against to say that, mind you it is easy to feel like that - I usually tell myself I am a late bloomer (which is a good positive thing - imagine being one of those high-school queens who bloomed then and it was all downhill from there - yikes!), or else my other positive thought is "I am taking the scenic route", often said with an expletive behind it! Just love the photos of the garden and the scrapbooking.


Stunning! I live in an area with an extremely short growing season- frost is possible 11 months of the year- such splendour can only be experienced vicariously for me.
Please continue to photograph and display ALL your accomplishments for us to share. Your creativity is such a pleasure to see.


Hello, craftywench!
I first found your blog last night after I decided I wanted to know the original definition of the word "clapotis" - somewhere along that path I stumbled onto your "Clapotis a Fini" page.
I stumbled? I think I fell and couldn't get up, because the more I read, the more I wanted to read. I looked at your sidebar of projects, selected "EZ's Pi Shawl" because it's one of my things-I-want-to-do-eventually. Somewhere along there you laid out yarns and fabrics for a new summer wardrobe and I was captivated. I literally told myself - maybe aloud - "I love her colors." Then I read your words about how you thought you were a Winter (which I am) but maybe not really, and how sometimes you can't stop knitting even to go pee, and . . .
All this is to say Wow! We have so much in common, but you accomplish so much more in those same 24-hour periods that I have, I am so impressed, and your blog is definitely going into my Bookmarks, somewhere really close to the yarn harlot. I have another favorite e-author.
And all, I think, because I am drawn to the same colors that you are.
Thanks! Keep writing!

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