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June 12, 2007



Oh you lucky woman having those amazing sources for quilting - fantastic. They of course, are equally lucky - shops like that don't survive without the drive and creativity of their customers. A two way relationship.

Good luck with the diet - I could loose some weight - just lugging about the extra me is a pain in arse, but having kids is the worst diet breaker there is - you are either hungry or exhausted (and I can't tell the difference between the two, so treat them both with cheese or hummus), have food that they like then don't eat (and I was brought up to believe not to waste anything so I am kind of like the family dustbin) or you have bought a treat for a good report/birthday etc but they have suddenly disappeared on a sleepover, or you bought the healthy, fair trade, organic option but are now crippled financially forever by this and can only afford day-glo craptastic junk and your 14yr old son who is the mouthpiece for environmentally friendly sustainable and morally acceptable foods (but Pepsi is exempt ok?) has wolfed it in 2 bites........ Might wait for the children to leave home. But good luck, I am on a walking programme but the midgies keep eating me (not enough to weigh less however).


I totally understand the bad back thing. I have compressed discs in my lower back, combined with sciatica. Most days I have moderate to severe back pain, especially when the sciatica flares up, and I too am coming to the realization that I need to lose weight, along with remembering to exercise daily (not just when I have nothing better to do).

Quilting suddenly started really interesting me in a big way again, and I'm lucky to have a quilting shop that is really nice within 5 minutes of my house. I love the free form quilting on those bottom two quilt photos, is that done with a regular sewing machine?

Great post, and I LOVE all the photos. Inspiring!

Ruthanne (in Seattle)

So glad to have your fun posts to look at and read Nancy. Your quilting pictures make me want to get started on a new (a couple of quilts in my long ago past) hobby! I love the beautiful bright prints. Thanks for sharing.
I also endure with a herniated disc that had been so much better, but has been bothersome the last couple of weeks. I am also with you on the weight loss thing- doing it with a combination of exercise and calorie counting. Keep up the good work and great idea with the public accountability thing - I still haven't mastered that part!


Nancy - At risk of sounding like spam... join sparkpeople! It is a free site, kind of like the "myspace" for dieters. I will link to my Sparkpeople page in the url - but the main link is www.sparkpeople.com. Anyhoo - I love the site - I can't say enough about it. It has weight trackers, a calorie/food log, many many perks/extras/features. But here's the warning... It's very addictive!

Okay - end of public service announcement. I love the photos! I can't wait to go pick out fabric for my tote!


Man, these last two quilt shots are fabulous! I am still trying to define my quilt style - at least what I like, I haven't done but one and I am trying to put another together in my head. I love the scrapiness of the old fashioned pieced with left overs quilts, but some of the new prints by the really good designers have me yearning for a couple yards of every one. I worked on a foundation quilt with a group of women from work - we were making a baby quilt for a co-worker. It completely threw me the way it went together - I don't think I'll do that kind, but the way it all came together at the end, was very attractive. Okay, so much for the rambling, but you did say quilting inspiration all over the walls, and well, it appears to be true.

I know people who have lost weight with WW, but I can't do meetings at all. I don't have time to really do much, but I tell myself to simply burn more calroies than I consume. Some days that's easy. Some days it ain't. Good luck with yours.


I step away for a few days and come back to 3 posts! This shop looks really dangerous. Because my local shops are pretty traditional, I've had to do most of my fabric shopping the past few years online...a different kind of dangerous. ;-)
Good luck with the WW. We did a sort of modified Atkins a few years ago (not so nutty strict) and have been able to keep the weight off since by steering clear of breads and pastas. But it's always a struggle.


Your quilting pictures are so beautiful they make me believe that in some other life I could be a quilter. In this life I'll have to stick to knitting and gardening and trying to have a life while working at a too-demanding job. I do love your blog, though, and am inspired by all the beauty in your life. After a work marathon (see the blog) I'm hoping to lose a few pounds by getting back into a serious gym routine and severely limiting the snacks. Good luck to you.

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