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June 18, 2007



What a lovely quilt - I know what you mean about precut fabric, too. And that radish - I don't eat them either, but it's very neat looking!


That's a lovely quilt. I have to admit, the cutting is not one of my favorite parts of the process. I might have to find me some precut stuff!

That is one neat-o looking radish.


I love that quilt! You are inspiring me to finish my own charm quilt already :)


Your quilt is beautiful! I love the colors. And the watermelon radish is gorgeous too! I will have to look for them at the store.


Just beautiful!


Gosh, I love your quilt. Am almost inspired to try some more quilting - the last thing I made was a pram quilt for my elder daughter, and she's 29 now! The radish is just beautiful. Could just see a print based on the slices of it laid on the glass dish. Amazing colours.

Best wishes from very wet Liverpool - seems to rain all the time at the mo, wish summer would come back!


Those radishes are beautiful! I like to eat radishes if they're not too spicey. I got some (actually a truck-load) from a friend and they were too big and it has been hot--thus making them VERY spicey. Anyway, I would grow those just to look at the innards! I'm just wierd that way!
Your garden is gorgeous!

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