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April 24, 2007



I just love David Austin roses!


Ah! You've got a magical touch in the garden too! I too, find KSH a lovely yarn. I'm starting to get a little stash - 6 colors of one or two skeins (smaller projects). And you are so right about the yarn - for me, I missed a stitch and it just "sat" there like a behaved child waiting for me...


Birch is beautiful and who knew that about the KSH? Cool!

That rose is just outstanding. I can understand taking pictures of it as it changes.


Self-mending yarn? I have to check some of that out! I love that color so much.


Beautiful rose!


The roses are so lovely as is Birch....my first (of 2 Birches) was in an aqua color KSH just like yours :)


The orange Lady Emma looks beautiful with the blue/purple ... penstemon, is it? And I don't even like orange!

I love how roses change in the course of a day. Makes one a bit wistful that they are so fleeting, but "gather ye roses while ye may," as the poet said.

amanda cathleen

Birch is gorgeous! Love the pic of it floating in the wind. The rose is lovely amazing how quickly it changed


Lady Emma is just stunning and looks amazing agaisnt the penstemon?, I am glad I am not the only person who sits and flower watches - it really can get exciting (ok maybe I'm on my own with that one). But she is gorgeous and the DA roses combine the most fabulous flowers with the most fabulous perfumes (and all so different from really rose-y to citrus to peppery etc), love them. Birch is stunning and that blue is the perfect colour for her - she looks just wonderful. I love KSH - it also makes the best basic tee jumper too (6 balls or thereabouts) that cannot be beaten, but it does not mix with hummous.... Birch looks just the perfect weight to fight chills.
Washing machines are evil - they just know when to break down.


That rose is stunning! I just love the David Austin roses. They are what got me started on rose gardening!

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