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March 28, 2007



Your quilt is lovely!! So colorful.


The quilt is going to be gorgeous, Nancy. And your yard, too! Can't wait to see shots of it later in the season.
Have a safe trip!


Your garden is so beautiful! I'm about to move into our first place with my guy as well, and I can't wait to get my hands dirty and make the place my own.

I've been fantasizing about that stole for ages now. It's so lovely! I can't wait to see how yours turns out :)


I'm glad you finally started Nancy! I hope you enjoy the ride :)

Your garden is GLORIOUS!!! Thanks for the lovely pics.

Your new quilt is brilliant as well! So much beautiful color here!


As always, your images are awe-inspiring and just peaceful. I can see the devil in that kitty face for sure! She's a beauty. That stole is going to be beautiful.


Thanks for the kind nod, Nancy!


Ooooo, pretty stole. I may have to do that one. And your flowers are amazing. I have started to do sheet mulching--I don't know if that appeals, but it's easy and it cuts down on the weeds like you wouldn't believe. I put down a few layers of newspaper (just the black and white part, not the ads and not the colored parts) around the plants--and on *top* of the weeds. No need to weed first. Then I pile mulch (in my case, compost) all over the newspaper--covering it completely so you can't see the newspaper. Water well. Then sit back and view your beautiful garden with no weeds.

Maggie Ann

Found your blog last night...and enjoyed seeing your many talents and came back to visit again. =)

Tressa in NC

Love the pics of the dog! Perfect, in my opinion, for a flower garden.


wow- fantastic quilt! I love the colours, and thanks for sharing the details of the process. Really inspiring for aspiring quilters!!


would love a copy of your needle inventory list....
I too love to organize and can only imagine how much time was spent on that....
I found your site from a link on an older post from Knitter's Review...
I am trying to get my stuff in order...
Thanx in advance,


That forest path stole is going to be gorgeous - I love that pattern, but might need to save it for when I develop patience, I do like the matching cat that comes with the yarn - is she a guard cat? She looks poised and ready to strike if anyone gets to close and what is going to happen to the poor unsuspecting sleeping dog? Finally we have a new PC and it means I can communicate with the outsdie world again in a meaningful way. I love the quilt - it looks like your garden has made its way inside and onto fabric, the Lady Banks rose is one of my absolute favourites, the buttery colour and the cofetti like petals are just wonderful aren't they, my parents have a fantastic spcimen in their garden back home.

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