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March 02, 2007



I am so impressed! I've always been in awe of scrapbookers. It's such a beautiful craft! I wouldn't even know where to start with something like that.


Very nice!!


Just wonderful! I like your collages so much! You're so creative and talented!
Greetings from Munich, Claudia

Amanda Cathleen

lovely, lovely pages!


There's sure a seriously talented person writing this blog!!! I could see you writing about the creative processes in some form - I know I've id'd / understood alot in your writings. Really nice :)


These are seriously good, you can feel the family bonds - there is such a warmth in their faces as they look back at you. Also the composition of photos and colours and patterns is really inspiring - no wonder you also quilt and knit. I can't figure out how you get them to stay so still either!


Hi Nancy! I love visiting here because the pics are so beautiful but I'm here to NAG you a bit too....any FPS action? Are you still interested?


I finished my koigu floppy jacket! What a fun knit. Thanks for the encouragement and tips!

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