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January 05, 2007



aww! thanks for the shout-out! I'm feeling much better, thanks :). I've been slowly tempted into the world of quilting. I am totally falling in love with all of the quilts that I am seeing on my knit-blog pal's websites. It's very tempting.


Good to hear from you again--happy new year!


I really enjoyed this post. Your Birch is very beautiful. And the kitties lives look good.

Feel better, don't let it drag you down.


Your Birch is lovely! Actually the first blue Birch I've seen so far. I love your cat photos ... especially August sleeping ... so serene and lovely! I hope there is nothing wrong with Raven's white hair.


Happy New Year! Your daughters and your cats are really sweet and your birch ist gorgeous! Have a wonderful time!
Greetings from Munich/Germany, Claudia


How in hells name did you prevent your kids and kitties from bouncing up and down on your blocked birch? It looks so springy, I'd be so tempted to just pat it to test the bounce y'know, it is gorgeous. I love the quilts - you do amazing stuff with colour - and even your cats know which colour bedding suits them best. August looks determindly asleep (I've seen that same expression on the man, Trevor when he is trying to ignore me), whilst Raven looks like a caffiene fiend with added something. Your wee girls look angelic, and a rill will at at least keep them clean for a while, oh for some sun around here...........!


Awesome post! From your gorgeous Birch to the photo of the kids in relaxing play to your gorgeous quilts. Two things hit a cord for me: when I hit those melancholy moods (my thoughts exactly and what I try to do, too)and those last few words (bind and quilt as desired) --SO WELL PUT!!! ...your cats are beautiful and they really DO know what life is about. How strange the salt and pepper look....but very distinquished!


I have 2 black cats, they are 8 months old. They both have a small amount of white on their chests and one has a white paw, but apart from that were completely black. The one who has all 4 black paws though is also starting to sprout white hairs on his body, whereas the other one hasn't. I've seen it before on black cats that my flatmate had in London, there's nothing wrong with it, think they look distinguished!Cute cats, love them both


WOW...you have been busy!!!! Ariann is looking more and more tempting! Great color for Birch!

Teresa C

Ack! You always put so much in a post that I cannot figure out what to comment on! So-I'll stick to Birch for now-love it. I have a blue one, but not in trance, another, discontinued blue. My favorite shawl, so warm and light. I was sorry the knitting was over with that one.

I love the Christmas quilt, finish it. Definitely.

I love to bind quilts, not so much on the quilting. I sent them off to be long-arm quilted. I might free motion one someday, but that is as far as I'll go. I love putting the tops together, choosing the fabrics....... my favorite part.


Your Birch shawl is beautiful. I'm in the "home stretch" with mine...hopefully, I'll finish it this weekend. Also...I could see Raven being able to easily wrap anyone 'round her little paw. Too adorable!

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