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December 22, 2006



Your Birch is going to be gorgeous! Nothing quite as motivating as impending surgery, eh?
That mulch might have thrown me over the edge...especially a couple of days before Christmas.
Thanks for the kind mention. I have an idea that when I'm telling people about my new passion for roses, I'll be saying it all started over at the Knitting Wench. ;-)
Nice to see you back this week! Happy holidays to you and your family, Nancy.


Your birch is beautiful! and so is your house! Your yard is going to be so incredible! It already is.


Oh, and I forgot to say Happy Holidays! :)


Nothing smells as heavenly or is quite as beautiful as an old rose. I could almost smell them when I clicked on the link to David Austin! Happy holidays from Kentucky.


Dropping by to say hi, hope the Birch turns out beautifully as wanted :) and your finger heals quickly. Hmm, the before pic of the newly arrived mound of mulch will be a nice reminder of one of those quirks (many?) during your garden re-do. Happy holidays!


David Austin roses are among my favorites. They are as gorgeous in the garden as cut and in a vase. (This can not be said of most tea roses!) I have found the David Austins to be very hardy and trouble free as well.

Your Birch is gorgeous. I can see where you are so addicted to the color that you don't want the knit to end. But think of how much you will enjoy the finished shawl!

Happy Holidays!

Art & Disorder

Wonderful its blog is pretty!BRASIL


Your Birch is indeed a thing of beauty. You are practically there,you'll find that the short rows to the point just fly!
Beautiful roses too. I have three David Austin rosebushes, in pots, on my deck. I never get enough of the fragrance, colors and shapes.

Happy holidays!


Hey Missus, I have just bought some KSH in exactly the same colour as your gorgeous Birch (my Lord, I must be finally developing some good taste). I love David Austin roses - we have a "Sweet Juliet" by the front door that sulks but every now and then brings forth the most perfect round bloom to tease us (well it is being squashed by a thuggish Weigelia and is in a slightly too shadey spot). Hope your hand heals quick - I'm a leftie too and the thought of anyone going near my hands scares me - there are these people in the local town centre that try and sell manicure kits by grabbing peoples hands and buffing their nails. They did that once with me and I had a panic wobbly of epic proportions (they're nice kids on holiday from Israel I think, shame its just they got the crazy Kiwi woman with a phobia about people going near her nails), the daughter eventually hauled me away in the direction of the John Lewis Yarn Department. Your garden looks exquisite by the way - it all looks so warm and inviting and dry, sighhh everything our poor little Scottish patch isn't at the moment.

Happy Hogmanay and all the best for 2007


Happy New Year! and I look forward to seeing more photos of your garden this summer. Jacarandas are incredibly messy but so utterly lovely that one can forgive them anything. And almost nothing about Austin roses needs forgiving -- your Ambridge is lovely.


Hey - good to see you posting. The house looks fab. "Moods" are funny, aren't they? :)

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