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October 16, 2006



So very nice to see you back. You were sincerely missed! Love the progress all around. Sorry about all the downturns there though. Reminds me though that I should probably take my now 40 YO eyes to the doctor too ;) Sorry about the cat, back and stomach. Oh it is nice to see you finally knitting a Pi!


So good to hear from you.


yay! she's back! :)

Lovely projects! The noro sweater is one that I especially love.

I can't wait to see your yard! I like the little teaser you are giving us :)


Ooh, everything's so pretty! It's nice to see you back!


Oh, and my favorite start for circular anythings? Knit the first several rows (an inch or so) back and forth and then join into a circle . . . later on, you just sew together the tiny little seam with the tail from your cast-on . . . which, you know, you'd need to do anyway!


We missed you!!! Funny, we just got back from a Portland visit. Missed the fiber festival - well, we were there but it wasn't planned for. Drat!


So good to see you back! The Noro sweater, I'm really finding it very intresting - can't wait to see how it turns out. I hate the idea that I might be needing glasses sometime soon. It's not a vanity thing at all, nope just an age thing. Why can't we just remain the age we see ourselves in our minds eye?


Ohh, I too have been envying the Ariann pattern. It is beautiful. Can't wait to see your progress.


So happy to see that you are back, and especially that writing the blog feels joyful--as it should be! Will be eager to see how the silk garden sweater comes along; I sit in awe of your ability to juggle eight balls of yarn simultaneously! So sorry to hear about your kitty; I have one of my own, and cannot imagine how sad I would be if he ran off.


I'm so glad you're back and I love the garden photos, those are some great plants! I have my yarn for Ariann, the one Bonne Marie used, the Selkirk from Ram Wools and I love it and I love the Brooks Farm yarns too - they'll be at Kid & Ewe in November and a bunch of us knit-bloggers are meeting up there for our tiny "not-Rhinebeck" fiber fest. Take care of yourself and welcome back!


Hi there! Glad to see you back :o)

That last picture is amazing!


So good to hear you again - hope your back etc is getting better, sounds hellish. I love your knitting - I sometimes feel guilty that unlike lots of bloggers I can't seem to stick to one project, so I feel like I am in good company. Can't wait to see all the projects growing, the Noro colour blocks sweater that looks fabulous and I know what you mean about choosing intarsia - it makes a boring knit move faster as you think you'll just get to row 10, or 20 or finish that colour and then you'll start the new colour row tomorrow etc. Oh yes, I 'm right there with you. The garden is looking grand - I am a huge fan of sedum (too soggy to do real justice to it in Scotland, and verbena and dahlias - love the colours, and the fact you are knitting and planting concurrent gardens)


wow...really like all your knitting.. i'm planning to do a dinner bag lately... and maybe a mobile phone bag for my friend's birthday ^^

really likes those yarn you have.. where you bought them?

Julie Rappe

It is wonderful to hear from you again. So glad you're back. The garden looks like it turned out beautifully. Your pictures are great as always. Can't wait to see more. I'm jealous you got to enjoy some flowers. We had our first snow this week and our leaves were gone 3 weeks ago. So sorry about the kitty. Has it returned? I have nightmares of losing my Elliot the pug, who also sleeps with me every night. I wouldn't be able to sleep without his warmth either....tell you're daughter I totally understand how she feels. Poor baby.

I am currently felting my first booga bag--first thing I've ever felted actually, and it is all thanks to you. Love the Noro color blocks sweater. I have a daughter who would really like that--just what I need, more ideas...

I hope your feeling better. Back problems are horrible. Go easy on meds. My sister now has kidney problems from the years of taking painkillers for back pain. Take care. It really is wonderful to have you back!


Beautiful pictures and a very lucky accident with the flying bee!!


Good to hear from you again! As allways: love your pictures!
I'm very curious on how your new knitting projects will evolve (keep us informed) And how is your rock garden?


Welcome back!


You are brave. Very, very brave to have 8 balls of yarn attached to one sweater.


I'm totally thinking of using Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed for Ariann - you're using the DK? I was thinking I should really use the Aran. Hmmmm. Guess I'm going to have to swatch after all. It looks great. I even have Boheme too. Although I have some pink that might be nice....

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