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October 23, 2006



What a lovely post. The place looks utterly charming.


What a great trip! Thanks for sharing :o)


Great trip! I've never been. You're not a rube - I feel the same way about air travel - I hate the waiting and lines, but it's so exhilarating when the plane takes off. And I used to work for an airline and flew lots of places. Just rarely got off the plane for long. I had no idea there was purple brocolli - what a beautiful display. Sorry about your kitty, but new kitty looks very cute. You always take the best photos, beer and all.


What a great trip. I'm sorry about poor Claude. I too hope it was mercifully fast. The new kitten is downright adorable. I have some of that Jawoll aging in stash for another go at Bayerische, a sock done primarily in the back loops as well with the added bonus of some cabling action somewhere just about every single round!


how incredibly fun! I want to take a trip over there and visit Alberta street!


What a fun trip! Also, before you get too far on those socks, the third row of the chart is wrong - the YO pairs should be shifted one stitch to the left so that they match the rest of the pattern. I made the leg of my sock with the wrong chart and switched to the correct version on the foot and didn't notice that much of a difference. The pattern is, however, easier to remember if you don't have to think about row 3 every time!


What an amazing post - it is wonderful, I can almost smell/feel/sense the market, those pink dahlias are divine. What a photo and I love the cauliflower! I really love mashed potato (but it needs creme fraiche and a little cheese in there) with a fresh leafy salad and a glass of Marlborough white, so I'll send you my plate of parsnip anytime - we could be great neighbours. The trip sounds all round fabulous. Sorry to hear about poor Claude but new Kitty does look mighty good with that yarn, she looks like she would like to learn to knit...


I went to college in Portland (quite a few years ago now). Your photolog was a fun glimpse at an old friend.


Sounds as though you had a very stimulating and exciting trip away. Its always good to return home though with a new insight into your own home, and ways to improve. The market stalls look great, and your yarn you bought looks lovely. Glad to see that your finally back blogging again too.


I have similar feelings about air travel. I go to visit a friend in Ohio from Massachusetts about once a year. That flight is only an hour and a half. Usually when I get there he'll say , "Ok. Well, you're here but now lets wait until your soul catches up.", and we'll sit quietly in a coffee shop for a while :-)

Amanda Cathleen

Sounds like a great trip! Love all the pictures. Sorry to hear about Claude.
does your new kitty have a name yet?


Great to hear from you again. The garden pictures are beautiful; how about some shots of larger areas? Your Noro pullover reminds me of a Kaffe Fassett intarsia cardigan I made many years ago. I still love the sweater but it cured me of intarsia forever, or at least so far. Good luck with the new kitty. I'm so sorry about Claude.


so glad to see you are back. your blog is amazing - (i think i've said that before - sorry for the gush). thanks for all the great links.
yeah, what's the new kitty's name?

Teresa C

Man, when you decide to post.......

So many great knits on the needles. I love that color of Noro. I may have to go looking for it. Good luck with the kitten. I'm lucky, my cat has never cared a twat for my knitting, but I recently started drop-spinning and, well, not so lucky. She is pretty easily disuaded-if I catch her in time.


Okay, so I found your blog recently and am so impressed with how creative and talented you are! And I must now admit that I have been stalking... er... checking back often in hopes of finding a tutorial for your beautiful two-yard bags. But I fear that you have abandoned blogging? Say it ain't so!

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