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August 01, 2006



Holy Wow! Big plans! I can't wait to see more progress pics. Your girlies are cute as ever... and a jackhammer distracting? nooooo.... ;)


I'm with Liz! can't wait to see your beautifully landscaped yard! That fountain is going to be incredible! WOW!


Big cyber wishes for a happy birthday!

That's so cool you found someone whose eyes lit up at your ideas - and luckily at a decent price. This project sounds great, lotsa work but oh, the finished product. The younger girl looks a tad mischevious but they're both take wonderful pics.

And about your fabric flashing - gotta talk to you about that. This one today is nice, her new line is beautiful. You see, I started getting some Asian prints, some Italian (w. gold) style prints (Florentine and La Scala lines), Denyse Schmidt and Heather Ross - ever since a few weeks ago when you showed us the tote (hanging on the doorknob). It clicked in my head - and now, I've got quilt ideas up the kazoo - small sizes for now.


Wow, that really WILL be something!


Wow, you really HAVE been busy! I love the pictures of your girls, and your yard is going to look absolutely amazing.

And, of course, happy birthday!


That's so exciting! Nerve-wracking but exciting! :o)


I'm so excited for you and your landscaping plans. I feel you about the gardening thing. I had a tiny, tiny yard back in Seattle that I seriously studied for months before I got my little garden in. It will all be worth it though! Good luck! :)


The plan sounds fabulous. The fabric is stunning. The girls are perfectly adorable, even when pouting. Can't wait for the tutorial. A good man is hard to find anywhere, you are so lucky. Remember, the process of gardening isn't a one time deal. If you learn or discover plants acting differently than you expected, you can move them. Some will grow too large for their original location, you can move them or divide them. Some will simply fail, don't take it personally, it's an adventure and you will see changes every year as your garden evolves and matures. I envy you your journey.


Can't wait to see the finished gardening. The water feature sounds spectacular. I do love the pictures of the girls. That's great.

Happy happy birthday! You're absolutely right, the capital improvements don't count as birthday presents.


Gardening is a bit like knitting, I find -- you can have a pretty good idea from experience (your own or other people's) about how something is going to work, but sometimes you just have to "listen" to the plant or the yarn and let it take you where it wants to go, as it were. Good luck -- I know you'll have fun!


WHAT a plan...look forward to seeing the progress. Yes, sweltering it was...and to think these place have no air.

amanda cathleen

no way, He couldn't be distracting! *L* Love your birthday present to yourself, great colors. Happy Birthday to you! btw : )

amanda cathleen

no way, He couldn't be distracting! *L* Love your birthday present to yourself, great colors. Happy Birthday to you! btw : )


Happy Birthday Nancy! What fun birthday buys! :-)


you are so ambitious, taking on landscape planning when you don't garden. Hope it turns out fabulous. Lucky you to have found a great contractor to work with.
and Happy Birthday.


your girls are SO cute, i haven't words. :)
congratulations on your birthday


Your babies are beautiful! Good luck with all the gardening - my mother who is a sublime gardener always maintains the hard work should be in the planning and preparation, which means the maintenance will be much easier (and pleasurable). If you skimp on that, then the maintenance will bite you and it will work out much harder in the long run. Can't wait to see what you will be doing with the flower prints


OMG - the landscaping project looks AWESOME!


Ay, ay, ay! No wonder you're not knitting or sewing! Great plans. It will be so worth it in the end.
Love the kid pics. So classic. I could probably find that sequence several times over amongst our own family pics.
And, Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoy your day.
Love your use of the soy milk box. All my hand-knit socks are in those same boxes, turned on their side facing out, on the temporary shelves that are currently our "closet."


Off all the knitting blogs out there, yours is my favorite. Thank you for all you do to entertain your readers.


Christine McCann

I really enjoy reading your posts, and find they inspire my own knitting. Hope you are well--we haven't heard from you in a while, and I just wanted to check in and make sure everything is ok. Thanks for such a delightful blog!



Greetings from Finland!
I just founded your lovely blog and I have question for you, where you get this pattern for this shawl http://craftywench.typepad.com/knittingwench/2005/08/oregon_harlot_s.html ( koigu shawl?)
I really love this shawl!!!

hugs; Kati from Finland

Miss Knotty

Hi there from Dallas, TX! I just found your blog (doing a search for Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool Knitting Patterns - You did a Clapotis from SW in 2005) - and wanted to say what a pleasure it is reading your blog. You have such a varied and interesting life, and what a shutterbug! I always forget to take a picture until waaay after the fact and then I'm smacking my forehead!

I can't wait to see more on the landscaping, and I want to know if that orchid that got shocked ever bloomed. Please post again soon! :)

Miss Knotty

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