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July 17, 2006



I am so happy you will be doing the tutorial on your lovely bags. The shape is fantastic and the choice of material - Awesome!


Aww man.. your pictures make me want those needles even MORE! And now I want the needle gauge too. Darn it. I didn't know it had a red line to help you measure.. that's really cool and handy looking. Measuring gauge seems to be really difficult for me for some reason.

I am also jealous of your clean dining room.. Mine has laundry all over it. Ugh.

You posting a bag pattern might actually get me interested in sewing enough to try it.... Now that's scary. lol.


Thanks again for your compliments, so glad you liked my card! I'm really rocked by your rocks: what a hard way to make a wall! And as for your clean dinig room: mine looks that way just once in a year(when my mother in law is visiting), it is our centre of life. Wishing you loads of fabric, wool and children's crayons on it, love, Froukje


Loco sounds about right :) The pictures, as always, are beautiful. And oh my, now I have to have some of those knitpicks needles. Thanks for the review of them!


Well, we don't have quite as many rocks and they aren't as big - at least on our property, but I do admit to loving them and sometimes even sorting them. Abby loves to find smooth rocks like river rocks and wash them and then paint them. She has her own rock garden in the front yard. Some painted, some waiting for paint. We cover the picnic table with an oilcloth and let her paint rocks for hours. I was curious about the knitpicks needles, thought I am not extremely picky about kneedles so long as they are the right size. I am excited about the tutorial, and promise not to bug you any more about it. That dining room is stunning. I want one just like it. But, I'll have to move.


Ok, this is just a hilarious post! First, your out taking pictures of rocks..... actually is not loca what your doing...that is USING resources..can't wait to see the finished project! Then your desk looks exactly like mine. Love the piles! Your kids faces say it all- HA! (cuties) Love your stuff from Holland!..and your yarn looks great!


I LOVE that picture of your oldest "helper"--what an expression on her face! (And, if I remember correctly, that's more or less identical to the one I used to get when my parents would try to get me to do yard work, too....)


wow that room is toooooo tidy! As for collecting rocks - my mother when on picnics always used to carry an extra large handbag to bring home "a good rock" which was then used to build an extensive rockgarden piece by piece. Your garden is going to be gorgeous and it looks so sunny - though I shouldn't complain in Scotland we hit 30 degress where I work today (a rare occurrence). Your two smallest helpers are gorgeous - their expressions are hilarious. The greetings from HOlland are stunning - your friend must know you really well to pick such treasures

amanda cathleen

woowsa! thats a lot of rocks! Your going to have a fantastic garden when you are all done.


The rocks made me laugh. My mother builds a new rock wall whenever she feels stressed. She's now 76. Her doctor told her this week to STOP IT!!!! and to take a holiday instead! But that's not why I'm here. Have made not one but 2 bags down here in Sydney thanks to your heads up about the tutorial in craftster. They look fab. One with one hand, the other with two.


As always, your blog is an inspiration. I am looking forward to seeing your landscape project. I have been looking at the KnitPicks needles, but have had bad experiences trying to knit laceweight yarn on metal needles. It seems to slide off much too easily. I am working on a Zephyr scarf using ebony needles; they seem to "grab" the yarn and prevent slip-offs.

Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to the tutorial.


May I ask where you live? I presume in the west. I think it is crazy that you live where there was once a volcano!

BTW, your swatch of the Debbie Bliss yarn is yummy. I love the color-so....I bought some:)


oh my! what a beautiful dining room you have, though! Good move on saving all of that rock! I recently learned that rock like that is hella expensive! who would have thought? We have lots of volcanic rock up here, too, and it really is beautiful when used in landscaping.

Ooh, ooh! can't wait for your two yard bag tutorial!


Those rocks look like backbreakers! I'm sure it will all look lovely when you're through, though. And lots of satisfaction that you did it yourself.
What beautiful mail you've received. Looks like you lucked out in the exchange.
I'm looking forward to your tutorial. It's been a while since I've made a bag and this is going to motivate me to freshen up my supply.


Fantastic bags! That has motivated me. Right, I am off into town tomorrow...

And welcome to the new knitter. Visit my blog and read about my adventure in bringing on new knitters... with chopsticks!

I love the stiched postcard tiles from Holland. Lucky you!

Linda V.

I've really slacked off in my blog reading and yours is one of my favs! I too purchased the Options needles and feel the same - love them! I brought them to my Thursday knitting group and it seems every week or so someone else is showing up with them and loving them. If I read the blog correctly you are going to step by step sew one of your lovely bags?? I hope this is so, I will be there with machine plugged in! I still rotate your beautiful pictures on my desktop background, I'm going through an orchid phase at the moment. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

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