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June 15, 2006



Hi there - those diazez are stunning - I can't decide whether it is them or the log cabin which is the more gorgeous. I will have to investigate the monkey stuff - but the quilt looks a very snuggle-up kind of comfy quilt in the making, and pastels will make the brights pop. I recognise lots of Kaffe Fassett blue fabrics, as for lace knitting (I'll be dreaming lacy kidsilk haze curtains tonight) - I have fouled up a patch of the Lotus Tank in the current IK and am putting off going back to see how dumb the mistake is and gow long it will take to fix... Thanks for the comments about the crash on my blog, man and Floo are fine and I try not to think about it now it has happened.


Oh there you go again!!! lace, quilting, knitting...what a yummy post.
..and by the way, I see 'sailboats' in the middle of your knitted block - now you know how your imaginary friends think! ;)


Birch is very pretty!
I love the Sock Monkey quilt! I was thinking of purchasing the Sock Monkey kit from Fat Quarter, but, um...I've never quilted before. Maybe down the road.
Have a great weekend!


I can totally relate to the knitting and alcolhol not mixing thing. oh boy. I've had to rip back many a wine-induced knitting session.

Your quilts are so pretty! I love the idea of the story pieces! That right there may get me to try it out :).


Are you pregnant? Just kidding - you know that stereotype that at a certain time in one's pregnancy one gets the urge to clean, clean, clean (I did around eight months). I'm sure all that work was worth it. And your projects look really beautiful - a real eye stopper when I click on your site! I recognize some of the fabrics as KF's - gosh they look better here than on the store sites. There may be some enabling going on here :)


Imaginery, my ass! Wow, you really have the quilting mojo going on. I actually collect and save fabric and templates for future quilting, you know, like when I am a really old woman and get tired of knitting. I quilted a whole pillow once, Double Wedding Ring. I have sewn everything else in the world, so I guess I assumed I could do quilting. I love yours, they are so coordinated, mine would be hodge podge, more utility than art. Stoli knitting - so funny.


Oh I love it all. Very nice work and once again, I hear my sewing machine whispering to me. Thankfully the yelling yarn has so far drowned it out ;)


Lace is looking lovely.
my question is, what are you doing with all the quilts? Gorgeous work - fun color combos and whimsical designs.
and I love the log cabin quilt. great idea for stash busting.

Sharon P

Wow! You are working on so much and it ALL looks so good! You rock!

Julie Rappe

I have at last had a chance to catch up on your blog. The quilts are stunning. I am so jealous of the beautiful fabrics I could cry. I have an Amy Butler pattern for the cafe skirt/apron and I still haven't made it because I can't find any fabric. Are all the fabrics in the log cabin and bias quilts Amy Butler or others? Lovely, lovely, lovely. The new house looks great too by the way, and being a dog person I'm always a gonner for a beautiful pair of soulful brown eyes. Elliot my pug (one of 3 canines that I live with) my personal darling is pouting by my leg because I'm on the computer again!

You will be pleased to know I finished Charlotte's Web! Yes, it's true. I wrestled her down on the bed for blocking for over an hour! It was the crocheted edging that caused the problems. I need to get a photo of her so you can see her. I am so proud. I'm thiking of Birch next...or maybe the Pacific Northwest Shawl or Shoalwater...Right now I am hip deep in sewing for the Renassaince Faire. Have been once but will be going at least a couple more times. I'm working on a Scottish costume for Scottish/Irish weekend. My wool is drying after its prewash at the moment. If you'd like to see faire photos of this year, you can visit my blog. Take care, thank you for all your help with Charlotte. As always your work is beautiful and your life full. -Julie


Awesome quilts. oh yeah, and I totally "write" entries that never really get written. :)


LOVE the quilts. I do want to get a-quilting one day. It intimidates me.

Hey, I have a question for you RE Klaralund. I love yours! I made mine out of cotton on a larger gauge and all the seaming is a PitA! I'm thinking that next time I could just knit the sleeves, sew them and then pick up all the way around and knit downward in the round for the body. Can you think of any reason why that wouldn't work? I just can't stand sewing!


Hello, just wanted to say that I love the bags .... is the pattern a wench-special or can I get it somewhere??? .... love the daizez too. Too many ideas, too little time! Oh and btw my Rocktorp is in serious zzzzz land. That pattern does my head in!

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