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June 29, 2006



Ah the bags are gorgeous. I love the blue/brown combo!


Woo-hoo a new knitter! Like your pondering on the summer...we are CA wimps...esp. when this Navy housing has NO AIR!!!!!!!!!!!Arizona can KEEP their weather!


Yay for new knitters! The orchids are exquisite! I can't believe that bag holds 4 beach towels, I may have to make one as we would end up taking 3 or 4 bags for 3 people. You find the best fabrics. I'm anxious to follow your landscaping adventure. Here we have squirrella warfare - really - firearms and everything.


LOVE the orange circles bag!


way to bring another knitter into the fold! she'll never be bored again :).

I love your shoppping bags! now that's the way to go.


Both bags are beautiful!!! I love your fabric choices.
And yay for the new knitter!


Yay for the new knitter! Looks like she's doing a fabulous job!


Cool, a new knitter! Blogging, yarn stash, quilting even on the way? She'll never forget her first project :)
I've been thinking of sewing bags and have bought three Japanese language books on bags (some found on the Crafting Japanese org. blog) - but I love your classic lines of the bags you shown us - with great fabric choices. Where do I go for fabric inspiration? Here! (You know, I can envision a color/design type of book authored by you, hint, hint.)
Lastly, sending "grow, grow, grow" cyber vibes for the bud.


Love the Orange Cirlces bag. I need to know the dimensions!! I want to make one, too. Congrats on the new knitter. You know what that means- more yarn in the house! ;)


Totally cool bags! And way to go with the your new little knitter!


Your post touched on everything I'm doing right now! Summer bags and trying to lead by example in having the girls keep themselves busy. I love the beach bag. Nice size and fun colors. Chocolate colored fabric is my favorite. Great description of that color. This is my first visit to your blog. So glad I found it.


Woo hoo! WTG on getting another one into the knitting circle!

Love the bags.


Oh a new knitter - I am impressed! She looks angelic and how do you get her to sit still, Madam would like to knit but would like to wake up a knitter rather than sit and actually learn...she also wants the best yarns. I love the bags - the beach bag is fabulous, even when colours like those fade they still look gorgeous, the other bag is very Jackie O in her yacht phase - v v tasty. What do you do with the orchids to get them so prolific, I have only just started on orchids (we have two of the babies) and yours is covered in flowers - those colours would be a perfect next project


The bags are amazing .. makes me want to sew .. but then I remember how bad I am at it. I'll stick to knitting!

Good, green grow-y thoughts for your orchids. I had one once .. it bloomed once, then hasn't since. I've given it to my MIL even, and she's not been able to coax it into growth.


Love those bags and I was wondering whether the two yard bag was from a pattern or just your own sheer genius? Would you mind letting me know? Also, my rocktorp is seriously hibernating zzzzzzzzzzz That pattern does my head in!


Hello, your Bags are just so wonderful!
I wish I could make them the same way as you do. But it's wonderful to look at it.
I already bought a book about bags, but something like yours isnt' in there.
Since three days I have my own blog - but it's not a knitting blog, it's a food blog, written in German. Feel free to have a look on

Greetings from Munich, Claudia


Okay, I wanna make one of those danged gynormous totes and I can't find the pattern you used - Did you tell us and I missed it. or is it your own brilliant design? Please tell me I can buy it.


The bags are wonderful! As is the new knitter!!!!


Both your bags are wonderful! Did you follow a pattern for them or make them up yourself? Inquiring minds want to know LOL! And yay for a new knitter. My 8yo dd wants to learn and so she and I are going to learn together. *gulp*

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