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April 17, 2006


Ruthanne (in Seattle)

what a delight to see another post Nancy. . . you have been busy it seems to me. Birch is beautiful - the green is just lovely. Looking forward to more posts from you - the quilting is beautiful and your daughter did a grand job getting everything laid out!


Nancy, this post is just not fair. Too much to comment on!
The quilts...what a lovely, lovely selection of fabrics for the Snowball quilt. I can't imagine how that wouldn't be a work of art when it's finished. The Turning Twenty quilt is going to be wonderful. How nice that your daughter was interested enough to help out.
The bag...that fabric in that particular colorway has caught my attention numerous times. I'm afraid now that I've seen your bag, resistance is futile. Gorgeous tote!
Lovely color on the Birch.


The colours in turning 20 are so pretty and happy. Patchworking is such meticulous work, it must require a lot of patience. Thanks for the inspiration, I will try it someday. And I love the rich browns in your lovley tote too.


Birch looks beautiful and I can't wait to see the bag tutorial!


Thanks for the color inspiration. Your quilts are beautiful :-)


Gorgeous!!! I love your potential quilts. As for the fugly comments - ieeeeeeee I have been there, but I justify putting my foot in my mouth by saying I have made my share of fuglies, although I hopefully have learnt in the process. Actually what is worse than plain old fuglies are the Twuglies - the twee sort of uglies that postmenopausal women make to so they look like Bo-Peep or similar, I mean eh???? (Perhaps that was a foot in the mouth moment and you are sitting there in a new tie-dyed wimple and matching bustle, although I think not) or even worse are the sort of things some people knit and then put small defenceless children into - yikes. See - once you work up into a sweat about fuglies it cannot be stopped in a hurry, or even deviated from its course by someone showing you a photo of their prize knit, the woman was wrong, WRONG to show you her picky at the worst possible moment - there is no way you can switch from fugly without warning. Still at least her project is no longer a smugly (an ugly thing knitted by a smug person).


The quilts look lovely (and, oh, I hate having to pin/baste them together, too . . . which probably explains the number of years since my last quilt). And your "fugly" story was funny . . . she really should have known better!


Oh, this post just warmed my heart because it has everything I love! From piecing to colors, great fabric to beautiful lace, and a great bag! Yummy stuff!


You just have a really nice sense of color - your quilt fabrics choices are wonderful. You do have a very valid argument that a quilt may be cheaper than art but in reality, it's priceless b/c it's yours and you made it.

We all "put our feet in our mouths" sometimes but there are those who should not butt (thereby making things worse. Glad you're enjoying your new "resurgence"


The fabrics you chose for the quilt are absolutely beautiful - draped over the table they already look like art to me so I have no doubt the finished product will be incredible. The "turning twenty" is also beautiful... The bag is gorgeous...and birch. Geez...I'm feeling pretty incompetent at the moment to be honest!!


Happy sigh!

This is the next-best-thing to wandering around in a fabric and yarn shop -- lovely. Thanks!


You have such great projects! I love the color of your birch! I too need to pull mine out of the piles and get working!


Your quilt projects are wonderful and I love this bag in your kitchen!
It's great that you're back on your Blog, thanks for your inspiration!
Greetings from the sunny Munich!


I love that picture of Birch. The color is gorgeous.


You know, the back of your quilt is nice enough to serve as a second front! 2 for the price of one.


So many lovely things!


Wow! I just found your blog. You are inspiring.


You're amazing! Quilting, bag-making, and knitting (birch, no less!)! I'm in awe. I'm just starting to dip a toe into quilting and your post has been very inspirational (as well as making me feel better about buying more fabric :) ). The Turning Twnety Quilt is beautiful. Certainly a work of art.

knit and purl grrl

You are amazingly talented -- I hope you know that! Birch is absolutely lovely. I adore the bag, too -- would love to make one if I can figure out how to use my sewing machine! And the quilts -- oh my -- I can only dream! (And I will not even attempt them because the last thing I need is another hobby!).

Love your little scrap book. We did one at a recent conference that was all about inspiration. I like yours better. :)

Remind me again of what camera you use???

kelli ann

gorgeous, gorgeous all! and a fount of inspiration...

Teresa C

Wow! Not blogging sort of suits you, you are getting a lot done! What color is your Birch? It looks eerily similar...

Are you going to quilt your quilt by hand or machine? Or tie it? I have only tied, and when I had a quilt sit around for a couple of years for my daughter to take to college, I finally just sent it off to be machine quilted. Well worth the money. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do.

Diane E.

Just picked up more K. Fassett quarters for a new wall hanging. I could have spent an arm and a leg with all the spectacular prints! Finished Birch this winter. I was so delighted with it I draped it around the house for weeks. Love your photos!

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