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March 31, 2006



So glad you read ya! I've been wondering lately where you've been :). Looks like you've been busy! Congrats on your new home!


I'm sorry about the mud, but it READ as highly amusing, though I'm sure the cleanup was not fun. The picture at the very top, blue sky with muddy handprint is great, though, as are most of your pictures. And that's a really good pile of knitting books you've got there--I loved the Inspired Knits book, and Mason-Dixon was a delight, and well, they're all good! Good luck with the yard!


I can't imagine how hard it is to keep a good blog fresh and interesting, but I am so glad you are back. I always start my day with a look on your site. It always inspires!


SO glad to see you back! Lots of fun stuff happening, it sounds like. Great photos from around the house. I am a huge scrapbooker... the class sounds terrific! Where are you taking it? It isn't with Cathy Z. by any chance, is it?
Welcome back!


As always, amazing photographs!! You inspire, truly. And congrats on the new house and the gardening plans sound scrumptious. I hope you'll post many blog entries about it.

And I've been wanting that Vintage Socks book. I just cast on for my first simple sock...


Welcome back. Love your posts, your projects, your photos.


Welcome back! Fabulous photos! I just moved last week and I'm wondering when I'll ever get settled in.


Welcome back. You've been sorely missed!


You're back, YAY! I missed your blogging!

All of the pictures are really great. Enjoy your classes, they sound interesting and like much needed 'you' time.


Missed ya! Wish I had our knack for seeing art in the everyday! Beautiful pics!


Welcome Back! So glad to hear all went well with move and house sale etc. Soon it will all settle down again. I was so worried that something might have happened to you.


Good to see you back! Up here in the North Country of New England, we are deep in the throws of Mud Season, so I completely understand your pain...!


Yay! Welcome back. The photos are fab. I love the one with the avacados enjoying the view. You really are sooo good. I haven't moved a family in a long time, we may just stay here till she graduates. The pup is almost grown and the girls are so much bigger too! The garden plans sound wonderful. You will be so glad you went with natives, expecially since the yard is so large. I'm delighted you're back.


Glad to see your are back. Mud - now what is it with kids and dogs and mud? Something to look back on and smile about tho in a few years.


Whoopeee! you're back, and you gave us a nice pic treat :) After all you've been doing that (the new books and classes) are a deserving treat for you. Hope you're all settled in, got your yarn and fabrics all set in place, etc. - we're ready for you!


glad to know the move and sale went smoothly. Take it easy and give yourself little breaks and treats now and then, till things settle down. Take care.


Welcome back - glad to hear the sale/closing/move went well :o)


Love your pics!!! something about pictures of fruit! ...but then the dog and child are PRICELESS!

Susan G

Welcome back! I've really missed reading your blog. Glad to see you're finally get some time for yourself.


Wonderful to see you posting again! the workshops and the books sound like the perfect way to treat yourself after the moving frenzy. Your photographs are lovely as always.


So happy to see you back. Your pictures for the project are great!! Love that monkey bowl.


Those photos are beautiful, reminding me to look for beauty anywhere it happens. I am sorry to laugh, but I was amused by the mud play.


Welcome back! I have missed reading and seeing what you are knitting and making. Good luck with the garden. I don't know if my garden cuts into my knitting time, or if it is the other way around. Housecleaning would cut into both if I did it!


Glad to see you back!! YOu have certainly been busy - beautiful photos!

Diane E.

Welcome Back, nice to see your awesome photos again!

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