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December 30, 2005


Terry in SF

Well I'm glad you came out of that nasty fall reasonably ok - hope you're doing ok w. it. Do miss the knitting but gosh, you have been a busy person. Thanks for giving us a peek into your photography - which is really good by the way. Take care and a wonderful 2006 to you and the knitting!


Great post. Well worth the wait.
Happy New Year to you too !


So glad you are back, Nancy! My one, long-ago brush with root canal was my worst experience with pain,ever. Natural childbirth was a breeze in comparison (for a much superior outcome too!).

Great tips on the photography.Thank you for being such a generous blogger. I wish you lots of leisure time to knit (and share) in 2006.


Wow! what a month for you! congrats on the new house! how exciting! Thanks for the photo tips..I will have to keep them im mind.

Ruthanne (in Seattle)

So glad that you are back Nancy. Great post in catching us all up! I hope you have some time to knit (and post) early in the new year. Happy new home!!


Glad you are back - sorry to hear about all your 'bads' this past month, but at least there were some 'goods' in there too ;o)

I just had two dental implants done (the first stage only - so far - however it's the most involved of all the stages) and one is infected so I'm feeling my own 'jaw infection' pain right now. It sucks.

Thanks for the photography tips.

Happy New Year!


WOW - where to begin...Hooray for you all on the house, good luck with the selling, boo for the tooth, but yay for the new crown, boo for the bad fall, but yay for no new back pain as a result (I am assuming here!). Happy New Year, Nancy!!!


ditto on everyone else's comments and yeah, figured you've been a tad busy, thx for posting! :D


Your blog just amazes me. Orchids, knitting, photography! Sorry to hear about your dental woes! Happy New Year to you and yours!


Crumbs you have been busy!!! I have spent most of the last couple of weeks behaving like a slug after a 2 week bout of flu, though I have managed most of a RYC Thistle in 4 days (very simple knit and on 4.5mm so not v fast really, but speedy for someone who dithers as much as me). If you can tell me the secret to buying a house I'd love to know - we bought this one 13 years ago and despite 3 offspring and only 2 bedrooms the husband doesn't see the need to move to more space. Good luck with the moving and self-mending (it all sounds really painful). Apart from that a belated happy hogmanay and good luck with the new year.


I am glad you are back on line. Have been checking in and am always disappointed when you haven't posted. I wanted to let you know that I have started on Rocktorp in a lovely foresty green Cash Iro and a brown/grey/tan SilkGarden. It looks fab, but progressing very slowly I'm finding. (Had to whip up one of the Angelsberg hats from the other CTH book just to feel like I was getting somewhere with something!) It was 126 degrees in Sydney this week ... why am I knitting wool??? Anyhow, hope that all your turmoil is over and that your new house has some lovely stash spaces. Happy New Year!


I am sooooooooo sorry about your teeth problems. That is awful! I hope you have a wonderful tooth pain free new year!


Well, considering all the excitement, not posting for a while seems more than reasonable. Good luck on selling the house, finishing the miles of edging, and everything else you set out to do in the new year.

shawn b

Glad to see you posted! Hope this finds you a little less sore and healing. Love the knitting...one day darn it. All I can do still is the crochet chain stitch. I need Brenda for a visit I think. Congrats on the new house. One day on that route too darn it all. I'm a bad scrapper. I love all my photos. I'm trying to get better about taking off two many of the "same like" photos on my CDs. But like you, I feel the need to scrap everything I print out and certainly can't throw them away. ha ha! I do try to make piles and send the extras to grandparents for them to deal with. Miss you girl. Get moved and then have all us IGs over for a long weekend. Happy New Year!


Whew! Intense time for you eh?
Thank heaven for the numbing effects of miles of edging.

Julie Rappe

Hey again. I wrote to you a few weeks back to ask about the colors in your Charlotte shawl and I did finally find them--felt like a real moron when I did--right under my nose.

I just love your Blog and have been back many times soaking up all the lovely photos. What an inspiration you are. (I mentioned that in my own blog) Amazing how much we like the same things, do the same things, even like the same colors. Like you I've met so many wonderful people on the internet via knitting, ebay, message boards. The world becomes a bit cozier.

I hope by now you are fully recovered from your fall and dental work--is there anything worse than a root canal? Ugh. Here's to 2006, lots of yarn, lots of knitting, lots of scrapbooking (yeah, I do that too)and health and happiness. I've got a brand new digital camera I'm learning to use. Very fancy. A bit more to it than my last one. Take care. Thanks for sharing your life. -Julie :o)


Dropping by to see if anything new posted - hope you are well and, more so - I think your fans miss ya (at least me!).

Teresa C

From one Terry to the next, I am dropping by for the same reason. Wondering where the heck you are! Hope the house stuff is going well and hope to see some action around here as soon as you are able!


So missing my daily knitting fix!! Hope to see you back soon


knock, knock, knck. Halloooo, anybody there? Hmmm, guess they moved. She did say she had a lot to do. Yeah, but that was December. Man, it's almost Easter. Wonder if she plans on coming back? dunno. will check back later.

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