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November 16, 2005



I can identify with so many of the things you mention today. Especially about forgetting what's in the stash and the details like colour and gauge. I've started to photograph my stash and put that together with the important details like yardage etc. And I agree that there's also nothing like seeing someone else knit something gorgeous to be inspired. have fun with your blackberry.


I salute you for your Swatch Mojo. I'm very impressed - and I love the pictures of the table full of swatchy goodness.


You are truly an amazing Wench.


Your swatching is inspiring. I might actually try swatching for more than the rough stitch count one of these days!

Knit bloggers are definitely an inspiring group. Its amazing how much more interesting and compelling certain projects become when you see real people working on it.


I think YOU! inspire us! You had a prior post about swatching ( amonth or more ago?) and it was truly wonderful, insightful - all that good stuff to follow. This post is so very helpful for me.

Gosh, if you ever (and you should) get this info in book form - include the two posts about swatching - such valuable info. Thanks, thanks, thanks.


Gorgeous sky photograph - I love the composition. And the swatching, well, that's just nuts. ;-)


I'm so seriously impressed with you. I mean...I think you're insane with all of that swatching, but all the same I'm staring at my stash and thinking of all the lovely little squares I could make--then I could lay them out and worship my yarn. Not to mention that it would be uhm, useful...yeah. :)

btw, I just found your blog today and I went through all of your fo, wip, and yarn pictures and I must say...you've got the best taste of any blogger I've seen yet. Everything is beautiful! (I so love your Harry Potter sweater, even more than the actual pattern I have laying around the house..er....somewhere.)


That's alot of swatching...ooh you could probably make a pillow out of those someday...or something...

I love the color of your potential blackberry

 Lee Ann

That is the most beautifully geeky thing I've ever seen. You're amazing. I would have required a lot of...uh...fortitude supplements...to manage a feat like that. Good on you, lass ;-)


Way to swatch! I'm knitting Gloria now ~ was it just your yarn choice that was problematic? Blackberry will be luscious in that yarn; can't wait to see it!


Oh, I totally remember those Santa Ana winds from when I would visit my SIL for Thanksgiving. Totally understand the whole dry-skin/nosebleed thing. But the warmth is nice :)


I just love the pictures of the gauge swatches. Simple, but arty. And I need to do some type of organizational sheet like the table you created. Smart!


Wow. I am just stunned at the concept of swatching the whole stash.

Have to let it sink in awhile. xox Kay


I sort of stumbled onto your blog and am having serious envy. I'm just starting out. One of your pictures is side-to-side handwarmers but I don't know what you mean with "Weekend Knits". PLEEEEZE tell me where to find the pattern?!!


The swatching is awe-inspiring. Truly. But I just have to comment that the composition in your photographs is always so lovely -- do you photograph professionally?


Those swatches are inspirational. I'm tempted to try it. Once I block my finished-for-months objects, that is... :)

And if you think your chart is geeky, ask me about my belly dancer's database project sometime. Maybe I should look into a knitting DB too....


Those swatching work is awesome! Now, if I could discipline myself to do that more frequently too!


Your swatches look like a piece of artwork - they look so pretty together.


just wanted to say I've missed your posts and hope you return soon and that you are well.

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